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  1. CBC Radio 2 is running a "contest" to find the best 49 songs from north of the 49th to be put on Obamas Playlist. The music should be Canadian, and represent Canada. So far, there is no Matt Good on the list, which I think needs to be fixed. The webpage is here: http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/obamasplaylist/index.html And you email your nomination to: obamasplaylist AT cbc.ca I'm not sure which song to nominate right now - I am inclined towards Avalanche. The nominations are only open until Friday - get moving! Cheers.
  2. I would much rather see him on The Daily Show .. that would be very interesting!
  3. "if you lay me down in concrete fields will I dream of grass and opera?" that line has changed my life - the symbolism is fantastic. If I was surrounded by bleak, bland, sameness, would I still exert a measure of control over my life, dreaming of beautiful things? Or, the corollory, would I become the thing I hate, would I blend in to the field and turn to concrete myself? Every time I need a check on life I consider that line.
  4. I'm thinking about hitting the Barrie show if I can't find tickets to the Toronto one ... does anyone want to carpool up there? I've got a comfy car and lots of music if someone wants to split on the fuel (it's a diesel, so it's practically free). lmk.
  5. If anyone has a Toronto ticket they don't want, let me know. I want it and will pick up anywhere in the GTA. drop me an email if you'd like - canadaboy (@AT) gmail (DAWT)com
  6. I feel your pain. I had these two little ditzy blonde girls beside me the whole show. they kept encroaching on my space, and managed to blab through all of the quiet songs. I was pretty good at tuning them out, but the guy on the other side of them got fed up and told them to be quiet during the quiet songs, and they got all pissy. The one beside me turned to me and said goes 'he's so rude, you're not bothered by us are you?' to which I replied 'only by your constant nattering during the quiet parts, otherwise, I have no problems with you'. She just gave me THE LOOK and from then on they w
  7. I've got bandwidth to spare to mirror it for a few days if you want to get in touch with me, I'll hook you up. t. (canadaboy)_*AT* ##gmail##(DAWT)&com& (just remove the crap and you'll get my address,y know)
  8. fan-fucking-tastic .. I agree. Amazing way to open the show, and totally different than all the other times I've seen him. starting slow was great, really ramped things up. I got a comfy seat up on the balcony and took in the whole show. I bought the Ladies and Gentlemen cd .. it's not bad, not as good as them live. Live, they had a bit of a 'hot hot heat' vibe ... on the cd they're more like Death Cab for Cutie. Not horrible, but no the same. I'm thinking about going to Kitchener on Thursday to see the show there .. anyone want to car pool?
  9. Just getting home .. I think thats the 2nd best Show I've seen (the best being Guelph 2 years ago). There was tonnes of energy, the crowd was right into it and the venue was great. Great setlist (I'm sure someone with a better memory will fill it out) So what did you all think?
  10. and would one get such devices past the croch grabbing security guards at the door? Or has matt said it's ok to record/tape pictures? /looking for my MD
  11. I'll keep my eyes/ears open for Bored people .. looks like I'll be sportin jeans and a beige shirt with some horizontal stripe action, and be all tall and glasses wearin. yeah, I'm bad. and on call, so I really hope I don't get paged and have to accidently not hear it go off. cross your fingers for me y'all.
  12. I have a few backstage passes from various shows I have an all access tour pass from Avalanche a few signed tickets the Auzzie demo CD Beautiful midnight american edition a few posters stolen from venues not much, but I'm content.
  13. I'd kill for a copy ... I put this song on and let it loop some days. Hey ... listening to this copy, it's different than the one I have. Cool .. I'll find somewhere to post the copy I have. I believe it's from London.
  14. I enjoy it only for: "Everyones gotta be something, me I'm ..." just strikes a chord. Me, I'm a geek.
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