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  1. cheers to you all that are making the effort! Can't say thanks enough!
  2. Just watched the Departed. pretty good. i do recomend.
  3. i love it! You say what we think...wierd.
  4. Live covers are better, such as playing around a fire, or singing to your girl while she goes to sleep. Good luck with the cd though, i'd help, but i suck. If it gets done, i will definately DL. And i will share.
  5. Those lyrics are on the Munich version they did.
  6. What about that chick the joker had in the cartoon? They need her for some eye candy!
  7. Subject 2. Its some low budget science movie. If you get a chance to see it, don't. watch teletubbies or something, your better off.
  8. They also put on some of the longest concerts I've ever seen. More for your dollar.(or 80$)
  9. i'd let you borrow mine, but i don't know you.
  10. Howdy. I am gettin an 89 Chevy, its sweet, but as most older vehicles wear you need to replace shit. I was wondering if anyone know's of good shop's in Calgary for parts and such. I don't have a credit card so I can't order anything online. Stupid banks and there needing of credit to get credit. What a stupid fucking circle that is. If you don't have credit, you can't get credit. BUt you can't get credit cause u have no credit. Around and Around it goes. anyways, ya, if you know of places that give good deals, let me know, it would much appreciated. Question 2...What are you driving?
  11. Saw that song performed live just last night. Not too bad, but as far a Big Wreck/Thornley goes, I prefer "That Song",(which they played too.) I'd love to get a live version of it. I haven't seem big/thornley since they opened for Matt Good in Ottawa years ago. You don't happen to have a bootleg do you?
  12. Havlat is gone to chicago...dammit. Why can't they trade alfreddson and get a real captain, a CANADIAN. No teams win cups without North american captains. At least i haven't been able to find one that has.
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