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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned here, but this is a very good video. Worth a watch!
  2. trufflepigs

    2019 Solo Acoustic Tour

    New show added. Arden Theatre · Saint Albert, Alberta Feb 15th
  3. trufflepigs

    1999 Much Music Performance

    You really need to get someone to digitize that recording for you. EDIT Nevermind 😉
  4. trufflepigs

    MGB's 2001 MuchMore Music Bio now on Youtube in its entirety.

    He was going to send it to me to digitize, but he never got around to it. RIP
  5. I've been listening to Something Like A Storm and keep thinking it would make a great opening track for a film. Then spectre came to mind. Thought I would give it a try, seems to work well. Enjoy.
  6. trufflepigs

    Underdogs 2017 Tribute Album

    Very good! Love invasion 1
  7. trufflepigs

    New Dear San Diego

    I miss his random writings.
  8. Great idea !I miss reading those journal posts.
  9. trufflepigs

    2017 tour reviews

    Here is a pic of the mic swap. Seems to keep rotating the photo after I upload it
  10. trufflepigs

    Solo Acoustic Shows - Calgary/vancouver

    How much were tickets for the Calgary show? I am looking at Stubhub and it says one ticket available @ $84
  11. trufflepigs

    Live At Hoxton Square Bar & Grill. April 8Th 2013.

    Would love to see a video for Omissions of The Omen, I don't think it has ever been played live. EDIT: never mind I guess he has played it live.
  12. trufflepigs

    Live At Hoxton Square Bar & Grill. April 8Th 2013.

    Nice video. Anyone have a set list for the show?
  13. I have the hard copy and the first thing I noticed was the different mix for Strange Days. The original is better!
  14. This might help. "As for the list of songs on the disc for foreign territories, I had complete control over the choices. Yes, i listened to some advice, so Strange Days is on there and i think the live version of Load Me Up. But so is Rabbits, Giant, Avalanche, Non Populus, etc. It's by no means reflective of In A Coma at all - which, with the exception of Rooms, and a way for people to get the Lo-Fi stuff, was a complete waste of time in my opinion." http://www.nearfanta...post__p__402098
  15. A compilation of some of Matt's favorite songs. Track List so far: Strange Days Load Me Up (live) While We Were Hunting Rabbits Giant Non Populus http://www.frostbyte...s/matthew-good/

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