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  1. Well whatever, regardless of the dates for this i'm gonna finish my cover. It really cheeses me that my old computer crashed and rthat it's even taken me this long to finish it.
  2. When is gonna be the final day? I have a cover in the works that i had to postpone because my computer crashed, and I finally got a new one.
  3. Black Helicopterrr I tabbed the whole song and submitted it to mgtabarchive, and i got a reply saying he'd put it up, but i don't think it's there yet. But anyway someone else already but the chords. Play Riff 1 over Am then again over C Then play Riff 2 over G Then Riff 1 again over F This sounds best with a 1mm or thicker pick in my opinion. Riff 1 ------------------------------------------ ----------------3-------5/6-6-6-6-5-5----- --------5--------------------------------- --3h5p3---3h5p3---3h5p3------------------- ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ Riff 2 ------------------------------------------ ----------------3-------5-5-5/6-6/8-8\6-6- --------5--------------------------------- --3h5p3---3h5p3---3h5p3------------------- ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------
  4. He's a good singer, but he's got nothing on Matt ;)
  5. This site has an instrumental version of weapon if anyone was looking for that, but what i was looking for was a version with no guitar, no bass, and no drums, but with everything else (strings, effects, etc)
  6. Maybe.. I have a version with no vocals.. that's the closest i've got to what i was looking for. I got that from www.49music.net. I think that was the site, anyway.
  7. Is it possible to get just the orchestral parts of weapon? No drums, no bass, and most of all no guitar? I pretty much want the version that Matt would use to play it live, and I only want it becuase i want to try to play it with my band. We've tried having someone use a keyboard but it just wasn't the same at all.
  8. Just ask them to order it in for you, that's what i did. they ended up ordering in 4 or 5.. and when i went back only 1 was left ;)
  9. I'm almost done a cover/new version of tripoli. I really like it so far.. I hope other people do too lol. It's not like the album or acoustic version, but you can still tell what it's based on. I'm no singer, so i'm probably going to get my friend Zara to sing it if she will because she has an absolutely beautiful voice. The only things that are going to be real are the gutiars and bass becuase i don't have enough mics or the proper equipment to record my drum set, and i don't play piano or have one to record with so i'll just be using midi's
  10. That's a sweet idea, I wish i had enough microphones to record my drum set decent sounding ;)
  11. SHGAH! Does anyone know of like.. a decently user friendly video editing program that will support .mov files? I was going to use Windows Movie Maker but it won't import my .movs. I filmed my project with a digital camera.. and now i have nothing to put the clips together with lol. anything?!
  12. no one told me it was over... where have i been?! and sadly i don't own LA ;)
  13. I went with Avalanche becuase I just saw him open with it Saturday and it kicked ass. I don't think he should open with giant, becuase then what will he play as the first song of the encore when everyone starts the K - I - C - K - A - S - S! and such lol ;)
  14. I just went to the Call the Office site and it says that it's sold out!!! did anyone buy a ticket and can't go and watns to sell it to me? i know it's a long shot but i reaaaaaaaaallllllyyyyyyy want to go lol.. if in the unlikely even someone does, email me at rosswale17@gmail.com
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