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  1. So has anyone actually managed to pre-order the CD and/or vinyl yet?...
  2. i'm not sure about the first two verses (although the last verse sounds similar to the first one) but here's what i think the lyrics are for the last verse and the prechorus and chorus... we could waste this whole town with the vibes of (?) those words that go awry those sheets of rain all them lies and all them games you were why we were where there's a (?) to be okay what are you thinkin go and explode what time is it that you're waitin for
  3. I got in without one :angry: I feel special The show was so good! What an awesome night. I love that he played Keep the Customer Satisfied ;)
  4. i'm totally going (provided that they don't ID me).
  5. Champions of Nothing and Single Explosion are in my top 10 for sure,
  6. I can't wait! I hope the Marquee Club show is all ages.
  7. The east coast shows have been added on matt's website ;)
  8. are any of the radio shows going to be archived or recorded for web listeners?
  9. so did anyone at NF.com win a spot at the show with The Bear in ottawa?
  10. the last king of scotland. awesome. and slightly terrifying.
  11. harry potter. i enjoyed it. other than the excessive amount of teen angst. "i just SO angry! all the time!" i laughed out loud when he said that
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