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  1. That setlist is incredible. What an encore!
  2. Will Matt be doing an acoustic tour in Canada? Do we know at this point? Also, does anyone else think it a great idea for him to tour with his pianist? I think an "acoustic" tour with him and the pianist would be deadly. Just putting it out there.
  3. I'm not saying the band didn't effect the material, I'm just saying they're not necessary (a reunion) in order for us to experience those albums live again. Matt and any back up band could do that.
  4. I say who cares? It's Matt who wrote it all and it's Matt who makes it awesome. Sure he's had some great band members in the past, but we still get to hear most of the songs live from all the albums. And as long as there's someone to fill in the other instruments, it usually sounds pretty much the same as it would if he re-united with the original band.
  5. Advertising on Police Cars. But Running for Home and Strange Days are right there too. My wife's favorite (who's not on this site) is Sort of a Protest Song.
  6. Other than some of the stuff in the encore and the new stuff, it seems like the same as the last tour. So my ideal setlist is: Anything new Champions (always love that song live) Then for an BIG encore Rabbits !!!! Prime Time Deliverance Advertising On Police Cars Suburbia Bright End Of Nowhere Sort Of A Protest Song
  7. I wish there was a "like" button, cause I'd click it. And seriously, I know the people on here would most likely appreciate the concert more, but who really can't fine 20 friends that at least enjoy MG's music. Who wouldn't want to go to a free private concert if they were invited by a friend. And I wouldn't care where this took place. It could be a concert hall that holds 10,000 people, my house, or at the end of my dock at my cottage. Anywhere this happens it is still a huge privledge and pretty friggin amazing.
  8. Where do you guys live (or do I even need to ask) that you've heard In a Place of Lesser Men on the radio? I'm close to Toronto and 102.1 hasn't played it yet.
  9. Nice. A few years back he played 21st Century Living and had words up on the screen regarding G. Bush and what was happening re. war at that time, and those words were said instead of the regular verses. I don't remember exactly what it said, and I've seen him do different lyrics on other occasions, I just remember they were extremely to the point and very truthful eye opening lyrics like these. I remember getting chills from them. If anyone has them I'd love to hear or see them again.
  10. I gotta be honest and say that with everyone (Matt included) saying this album is so different from anything he's ever done, it doesn't sound that unlike the rest of his music to me. Based on the 2 songs we have access to listen to right now (cause that's all I've heard) it sounds typical of his music - especially considering the way his sound has progressed over his last couple albums. Listening to Hospital Music then Vancouver, this seems to be following that some path to me. I still have yet to hear the rest of the album, and I have to throw in that it is not a dissapointment that it isn't
  11. Thanks for the reply. Sounds pretty sweet - I'm pumped. With the presence of a piano, will the setlist, aside from the new album, include songs from previous albums that have piano in them? Or is it to important to include the essential radio hits that draws the majority thus leaving no room for others? - Or should I just shut up and wait and see what is included like everyone else.... and be content with whatever is played. The last thing I want to do is get into a setlist discussion like we've had on here in the past. Just a general question.
  12. Based on the added instruments on this album and some of the comments you've (Matt's) made, are we to expect a larger number of people on stage to back the live shows? If so, is that going to influence/change the chosen venues? Not that I'm expecting a reply, but I just want to say that it's distinctively courtious and considerate for someone of your stature to give this much of your time to us on here.
  13. I think that's the longest post Matt's ever done on here. It's pretty cool that he (you) take the time to reply and give info to us on a fan site like this. The new song is amazing. This is the style of MG music I like best. Loving the piano. I think some of the best MG songs from the past are songs with piano. Can't wait for the album.
  14. Really? I have no idea how it works, but that would really suck considering that's what people expect to hear night after night while on tour.
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