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  1. Since when are Matt and Jenn getting divorced? I just read his last few blogs and it looks like I missed something...something big. Anyone care to update me? Or point me in the direction of a thread or specific blog? Looks like it'll be a long time before another album, but I'm already excited for the book. It'll be interesting to follow Matt on his 'adventure' (for lack of a better word).
  2. I'd never heard of The Ladies & Gentlemen before the Toronto show but they were really, really good live. I had to sit down though, because of my foot, so I was up on the balcony watching them, but I really enjoyed it. Nice guys too. I bought the CD after the show and they all autographed it, t'was a great, great night.
  3. My 1st Matt Good concert, so I can't base it on anything else, but I was completely blown away. Near Fantastica was awesome. I thought it was wicked how Matt went from acoustic PTD & Tripoli, to rocking out hard on Near Fantastica. My fav. MG song, it was great to hear live. Loved Oh Be Joyful live and Alert Status Red, too. Meeting Matt afterwards just capped off my night. He was happy, and very casual. Aside from the fact that it killed me to walk, and stand, it was amazing.
  4. I'm pretty sure I broke my heel last night, so I'll be the guy with the huge limp. I'll be with hoverball, his g.f and badseed
  5. couple Qs. Who's opening? What time (roughly) will it finish? and Will I be able to bring my camera into the show with me?
  6. Every Name Is My Name Lullaby For The New World Order Oh Be Joyful Symbolistic White Walls Future Is X-Rated (BM) Change Of Season Jenni's Song Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production North American For Life
  7. Nope, Jenny (badseed) found me a ticket today, thanks though!
  8. i neeeeeeeed a ticket. damn scalpers probably charge WAY too much.
  9. ;) mail them to me nowwwwwwwwwwwww please. we can work out shipping and cost of the tix. i'll pay!!!
  10. I'm looking too...http://www.nearfantastica.com/bored/index.php?showtopic=5807 looks like I'm going to be relying on scalpers...
  11. Hello Time Bomb Radio Bomb The Inescapable Us Load Me Up Pony Boy Big City Life Avalanche Dusk Ex-Pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra
  12. I should have looked at this topic before starting my own ;) Looking for a ticket for the Toronto show on Oct. 15. patrick_cooper@hotmail.com
  13. Hey everyone, I'm going to the Toronto show on the 15th of October, I just have one problem, I don't have a ticket. The show is sold out, and I have two questions. I'm sure there are some 'ticket sellers' (as with most events, there are people asking for extra tickets, or if anyone needs tickets) outside, before the show, and I was wondering if anyone knows how much the tickets from those people would be. I don't imagine it will be that much more than the original price ($32 I believe), I just want to get a general idea of how much they might be asking. Second, if, by chance,
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