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    "I have got some advice for you little buddy. Before you point your finger you should know that I'm the man. If I'm the fucking man, then you're the fucking man as well, so you can point that fucking finger up your ass." ~ Tool
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    MG: End Song (15 hours...), MGB: Running for Home
  1. Ahh, I love that song so much. I played it during my school's coffee house during my senior high school year, a few years ago. Amazing song. One day I'll record myself playing it and see how I sound ;)
  2. My Covers Hey everyone. Many months ago, I recorded two covers of some old Matt Good demos: Close, and Entresol. I was using the horrible windows sound recorder, so the songs are split into about minute long sections. If you can ignore the pauses, and the momentary silence in Close as my mic messed up, they're not too bad, in my opinion. Tell me what you all think ;) Also, theres some other random covers at the bottom, feel free to check those out too.
  3. I'm glad at least someone else mentioned Endsong from 15 Hours. I was however surprised no one mentioned Entresol. I did a cover of that song, actually, maybe I'll get it up on the web one of these days. But yeah, Endsong and Entresol. Then all the other demos ;)
  4. Oh jeez... so many songs, so many moments give me chills! But to name a few... - Running for Home - Tripoli - The War is Over - She's Got a New Disguise I could go on, and on...
  5. I can't wait either. I'm mostly looking foward to the reworked old stuff, but the whole thing is going to rock anyways. One thing I don't get. He says that he can't wait to see Rich, Pat, Chris... I thought he changed his lineup. Did I miss something? ;)
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