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  1. if anyone could pm these demos volcano and fought the fight i also dont have if anyone doesn't mind thanks a bunch
  2. so pissed i lost those matt good tracks and when i bought them again in the store it just took my money and said it wasn't aviable lol, what a waste of 10 points
  3. i use Audacity to rip audio from any form of online streaming http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ hopefully someone will post metal airplanes, and all the other mp3s... i sent it to so many people i just got wore out, hopefully this program will get everyone posting them again
  4. the video from youtube is what i ripped the audio from, i wanted to thank everyone who came by my blog, i've emailed the files to many people now, i will be not sending them out any more just due to some time constrants which come with school but i hope everyone i sent them out to really enjoyed it, and will share it with others you are welcome to come to my blog for anything else though -JP
  5. just leave which ones you want in the comments and i will post them when i get a chance http://mailboxarson.blogspot.com
  6. no worries, if anyone is ever looking for tracks go to my blog and leave something in the comments, i will post any matt good song i have http://mailboxarson.blogspot.com (its new so bear with me) the list i have is below and i also have a lot of live shows in both audio and video... just know over my 10 years of really loving matt goods music sometimes things are hard to find, and i have a lot of different versions of stuff, and i love to share if you have something i don't also i have software to rip off any video or stream offline, so if you know of something just in video form and you want the audio gimme a shout over at the blog (there more often)... and i do this for any rock/punk band -JP Full Concerts (only keep interesting, good quality or ones with rare songs): >> Edgefest 2000 >> Kool Haus 2003 >> Snowjob 1997 >> Vogue 2003 >> Halifax 2002 >> Ottawa 2003 >> St Cats 2004 >> CBC 1997 >> Phoenex 2005 (Video and Audio) Demos 2004-2006
  7. hey just got the song from the store and I found it was a little short, here is a longer version of that same song http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...E84ACF66AD073E7
  8. thanks again to everyone ;) my music we are trying to get purevolume up, but if you read the intro we are not the most traditional band so it is hard to find time to record, or to agree on what to record... we've done a lot of demos and given them out at shows but being the singer i haven't all been to pleased with just live recording, it doesn't really show who we are as a band many people feel like live is just something they have to do to get a cd or what not, as of right now i just want to put on shows i'd wanna go to, i still love playing and singing when we get a purevolume (end of this tour) i will post it here... as for live, check the site now and then, as i said we have many players so not all nights have me but we play all over, we cover the town in posters and hand outs when we play :angry: hahaha so long story short you can listen soon haha EDIT: 59 votes so far... 20 are linked to this website, wow
  9. site was linked 10 times from here, and all voted, thank you to everyone who did
  10. thanks for doing it, its funny we expected a total of 100 votes, and in 4 hours we have 27 so far, i know the first ones are the easiest but if we keep a steady stream our deal will meen we will have enough posters to over whereever we are going to be
  11. Hello, my band Cast Of Thousands is having a vote to see which poster we are going to tour with for July and August here, we have been together for a year now and we have a deal for everything 50 votes we get they will print 10 posters for us for free... thanks again to everyone, any comments on what you think are good or bad ones would be great The Cast Of Thousands The site was launched June 10th and open until July 8th ;)
  12. Sorry I should have made myself more clear, the format seems to be the same, the new writings are more political
  13. it seems with the new matt good.net up there is no longer a blog, but a section called writing, when you go in their are selective pieces all the way back to Feb 2002 it would seem he is going to get back to writing one or two long pieces every month, should be interesting
  14. Ok, well for the past 2 days i've had a line of a song in my head, i can't figure out the band, song or anything I was hoping someone out there might reconize it... i don't think it is matt good another loss in a losing life doesn't hurt anymore that may or not be right haha, its just a statement to put out there see if anyone knows it thanks
  15. I was just wondering if there was a program to take mp3's and turn them into any video format, i realize the screen would be black but i gotta do it for this project... if anyone has any ideas that would be great
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