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    america wants fuel. to get it, it needs puppets. so what's 10 million dead?
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  1. jackson square is where you go when it's really cold out, and you need a break. jackson square is where you go when you want to play frisbee on the roof with the guitarist for shania twain. jackson square is where you go when you're 8 years old and your mother needs to do some banking, and you know if you go with her you'll get fries from mcdonalds.
  2. that's the worst that's what she said i have ever heard
  3. i just want to know what happened to charles' fiance or whatever and why he has a new girlfriend
  4. oh, i misunderstood what you meant by split the rent. it's from the same bank account. i didn't read the whole thread, just the last part haha. i believe you're common law after 6 months of living together, but we didn't claim it for our taxes until this year
  5. michael and i both pay rent and are common law. i also got more back because of it.
  6. i just finished abraham lincoln: vampire hunter and it was awesome. now i'm ready the bfg.
  7. your bad habit should be putting commas where you pause in a sentence. it's not the same thing.
  8. the drinking game on the against me! dvd. you watch the dvd and drink everytime you see the one guy in the crowd. it's awesome 'cause you get to drink a lot and listen to great music. the more you drink the more pumped you are about the music. win!
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