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  1. This is my first legal drinking age Halloween, so in true fashion I plan to dress like a slut and drink too much.
  2. achievement: Gaining back the internet, remembering NF... It's been a busy day.
  3. What do anal sex and spinach have in common? If they're forced on children when they're young, they won't learn to like it as they grow older.
  4. This is the first thing I've heard off the new album, but I like the sound. I agree though, that something sounds off when the vocals.
  5. That's what I'm reading right now. It's awesome. Movie: Clerks
  6. A friend of mine showed me that a few months ago. I showed my math teacher and we dominated.
  7. I know someone with that exact cellphone. She refuses to buy one, and simply gets people's old ones. It's cheap, and effective.
  8. Make sure it has good cheese curds in it. They squeak when you bite them.
  9. I actually quite like Courtney Love. Hole are a great band in my opinion, and on the subject of Kurt's ashes.. who the fuck would do that?
  10. I watched his bit on death today on youtube. It made me feel a bit better hearing the man himself talk about the subject. I bet he's down there, looking up at us right now, smiling.
  11. That was seriously, one of the cutest things I've seen in my life.
  12. A friend of mine in the stand up business told me today. So much for the seven things you can't say on TV.
  13. Anything with more than four legs. Seriously, bugs creep the shit out of me. Aliens, I flip out when people shine flashlights into the night sky. And I still have an irrational fear of the monster under my bed. My brother told me a 'scary story' when I was really, really, young... I still refuse to sleep with a bed frame.
  14. 'The key to a long life... is moderation.' My Great-Grandfather. He lived until he was in his mid 90's too.
  15. Didn't you also say that Speed was the best movie ever made?
  16. The other half of my subway. Diet Coke, and some popcorn.
  17. Adam's gone? I'll be a gentlemen and keep my celebration to myself. I've been off being a hooligan, but I'm better now.
  18. Bob Dylan Janis Joplin Bush Fiona Apple The Beach Boys (no joke.) (Oh, by the way... after creeping the site for about a month, I've decided to start posting again. Decided for yourself whether or not this is a good thing.)
  19. I'm Canadian, I hate the snow. No, wait, I LOATH the snow. I've been snowboarding once, and I broke the rental board three times. I've never been skiing, and I can't ice skate. I really couldn't care less about hockey, and I don't have a pet beaver. I do, on the other hand very much so enjoy plaid, but I will avoid camping to save my life. Unless of course it's good summer camping and it involves mushrooms. But I don't really count, I grew up on Vancouver Island, and they don't get real winters. During the -39 degree weather I also refuse to wear a jacket, making me sick constantly. The inte
  20. I talk in my sleep, and I can never stay still. If I'm in a large bed I sleep diagonally, and if it's a small bed no one else is aloud near me, mostly becuase I'll end up kicking them off the bed. I've been told I snore on occasion by some people, and I've been told that I don't. I sometimes remove clothing in my sleep even though I always have about 5-6 blankets making a nest around me. Pillows suck though, I have two of them that my head sits in the middle of... sort of like this []my head[] with a small blanket over top of my head to block out any light. Basically, I'd suck to share a bed w
  21. It's the same as it was the last time I was on here.... Which was a while ago. So, you get a 6/10. It's still over half though.
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