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  1. So to be honest. I was a tad inebriated that night at the Calgary MG show. I may have gone overboard on my pursuit of overall show enjoyment. I tried to explain to people in front that I was a pretty big guy & if I stood I would probably block the view of a lot of people. I was met with rude responses. I did creatively solved the problem (I think). I ended up going overboard. I apologize to those who I may have irritated. Would I do it again? I don't know. But it was the best Matt Good show I've seen for a long time.
  2. first orf all, huge MG fan. Both physically & figuratively. I am OK with standing during the harder rocking songs, but there were sometimes when a small group of people were standing. I did ask nicely at first if this group could sit down especially during Harrigan & cold water. The group just said that if the other people want to see they'll should of bought better seats & the other just told me to fuck off. That's when I did a little freestyling lyrics to cold water singing about being considerate to others. That's when the group start to sit down one by one. They also got applauded when they sat down. One guy in the white striped shirt told me to shut up or he'll kick my ass. But once everyone was able to enjoy the show, it was probably the best MG concert I've been to for a long time. Despite having to ask people to chill for the slow songs at least.
  3. Fuck that guy who said that was the worst show he's been to. As a long time fan the calgary show was pretty good for an acoustic show. Despite the technical difficulties. This was a show for fans of matthew good.
  4. I can't believe I got VIP ducats this late in the game for calgary. But one post got me worried that the seats won't be together. the site did say "first come, first served" so I'm hoping that also means the seats are together. If they are not though I hope I can talk someone into moving seats. I would even take the seat further away since they are all gonna be in the first 10 rows. Nonetheless I am looking forward to meeting Matt. It will be a first.
  5. What happened with the good Matthew Good Fansites. such as runningforhome or imgarbage. The fansites that had great archives of the Matthew Good Band and Matthew Good. Nearfantastica.com does not compete with those old websites.
  6. its sucks cause i was a later bloomer and there is absolutely no way to find out about new music in southern alberta cause all the radios suck ass. but I am finally digging nine inch nails.
  7. mrchipps

    The Junos

    I remember when I first saw the juno's. it was when alanis morrisette came out with her big album jagged little pill. I had to sit through 2 hours of crap just to watch alanis. ever since then I never watched the juno's again.
  8. That's crazy and funny. I'd say it was plagerized.
  9. I heard this lyric a long time ago. I want to find out where it came from. any help. thanks.
  10. I liked what he said about christina aguilera. It's funny how he is so open it takes away the fact that he is very famous here in canada.
  11. I remember there used to be a download of this song somewhere. back when he was with the band.
  12. I heard this song played in calgary on x929. Wicked song wish I wouldn't have missed it on matthewgood.org
  13. mrchipps

    2009 Tour

    Is there any chance that MG will come to Lethbridge again?
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