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  1. We're O.K....gonna get the album done in the new year.
  2. Are there any musicians here...??? Fuck these folks are dull....
  3. When we released Underdogs we did 3 songs in a row off the record at 4 different record stores.The whole album. We win.
  4. I live in Ottawa now if anyone gives a shit....
  5. I can't answer that with anything. Either you like it or you don't. I shaved my head for a reason that I won't get into.
  6. Bored outta my skull. Haven't played a show in almost 2 years. No fucking drummers out here.
  7. Now that every one's going green I realize that I was ahead of my time.
  8. More like "Man, I'm glad that cocksmoker quit".
  9. He said "Rich is WAY better than Geoff"...... just kiddin'....;P
  10. Movies don't scare me. Real life scares me... Wrong Turn was a good flick.So was Wild Zero.
  11. Thank God that's over. They were the Doodlebops. Good riddance. Great musicians but really....
  12. No. No Car No drivers license....feel free to mock...I had a tour bus....
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