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  1. erie, pa...hell, all of pa
  2. Yeah, really...he'll be back in a few weeks and it will be nothing. He needs us.
  3. I think I am the only person who wasn't all that impressed with 'She's in it for the money'. I feel like it was just written and put up out of spite and too throw some of that spite elsewhere. Anyways, remember Matt said he wanted to write part or all of his next record on a bass? The demos won't give any of the songs justice. You know he wouldn't be able to just do an all folk/accoustic record. I am going to go out and a limb and say that his next record will be his most diverse.
  4. The one thing that Radiohead has on MG(B) is that every member of Radiohead contributes something to each song. They are individually such fucking great musicians and the group as a whole has done almost every genre or theme of music. Yes, Radiohead is overhyped on a lot of different levels, but so is MG(B), both of these bands are also underappreciated on many levels. I feel Thom Yorke is more reclusive, a better lyricist, and has a better vocal range and vocal control than Matt. But, Matt writes better songs. It takes all of Radiohead to make the music what it is. If Thom Yorke j
  5. Maybe Matt was also upset because he realized Dave Genn couldn't hold a candle to Johnny Greenwood.
  6. I hate to use Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20 as an example, but it's all I got. I remember hearing a few years back that the girl he wrote 'Push' for wanted to sue him for using the song that he supposedly he wrote about her. He gave her the poem/song with her name on it and a whole bunch of other stuff. If I remember correctly, it was settled out of court. Matt's been singing about ex's and other people over the last 10 years, I don't think if it's mattered then, it would matter now.
  7. It makes me happy that Matt got his dogs. ;)
  8. 'Suburbia' is basically one repeated 'riff' the whole way throughout, also. Matt doing 'Sail to the Moon; Radiohead doing 'Rat...' (amnesiac era)/'workers...' (ok computer era)
  9. This can and should work if one person can step up and what not. I am totally game for doing one or whatever. I'll look through some different options and make a list of what i'd like to do.
  10. 'there, there'-radiohead or 'i hate it too'-hum or I can't pick one, I could see him doing both of those very well.
  11. It appears that Ms.Good deleted her myspace aswell?
  12. I don't know if it's that he has a huge following in Buffalo or if it's just convenient for people to drive to. We drove 2 hours from PA to get there, a lot of people I spoke to inline came across the border, and a few other people drove up from Ohio and other parts of NY. It's obviously easier to see him in the states than deal with customs to go into Ontario to see him for most people.
  13. Don't forget the OTHER opening band, jesus christ they were worse than Blue Jimmy...
  14. I don't live in Toronto, I live closer to there than Thunder Bay. By closer to Toronto, I meant I hope he comes further east. I live in the states and i'd have to drive around the Great Lakes to get there.
  15. It'd be fucking dick of him not to come closer to Toronto. But I would drive the 15 hours to Thunder Bay. I think it'd be that worth it.
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