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  1. Ryan Dahle was supposed to fill in with the "Matthew Good Band" when Dave Genn left, but then Dave Genn came back... it was also just one date (in regina i believe), but it got cancelled anyway
  2. in DC++, click File > Settings. Make sure your username, email, description and all that is filled out. Also check that you have your IP entered if using Active, otherwise choose Passive. configure upload/download locations if you haven't already... now click the button on the top for Favourites (hover over them until you find it. should be the fourth one, but i use a different client). Once you're there, click New at the bottom. Fill out the hub address, add a short description, and add all your user info in there too. Click OK when you're done, and put a checkmark in the box (this will make it so you connect to the hub every time DC++ is opened, and you won't need to enter your password every time). highlight the hub, and click Connect at the bottom. you should see the connection message in the mainchat, and users should be in the right column. double-click someone's name to view their files and download them (note: if you use passive, you won't be able to download from other passive users - ones with a red brick wall by their name) may sound like a pain in the ass, but it's really not that hard. also, this is just a one-time procedure. you won't need to do it everytime you open DC++. If you still experience problems, visit the hub forum for help.
  3. I think Matt Good said it best during a radio interview a few months ago (referring to radio though -- same idea): "you get something for free, and you bitch about it" the hub has over 350 registered users who are able to follow rules easily enough. the rules are there to make it better for everyone else. if nobody shares, then obviously nobody's gonna find anything to download. i'm also very strict against leeching, and before those rules, that's what people used to do. so if nobody likes it... don't bother with it. move on.
  4. take a look here for band names http://homestarrunner.com/sbemail16.html
  5. its also fun when he tries to look retarded ;)
  6. how bout we help by getting rid of him since he's such a fucktard
  7. the hub is not compatable with a lot of computers, and i can't afford to have 250mb of space on my computer taken up by something i don't use. It's helpful to be able to email/send songs to eachother, and get them off of NF and anywhere else there would be no point in even using the hub if you cant handle to share 250mb. its not a lot of space, and its to promote sharing over leeching. for anyone else... if you cant handle to share that much space, then you have no reason to use the hub in the first place and i dont see how its nazi. rules are in place to keep the hub fair for everyone. if you dont like it, go fuck yourself
  8. is it really that hard to fill out a fucking form? geez... people are stupider than i thought
  9. there's another one by the net as well. a bit smaller and not as dark
  10. Bloodflame

    Msn 7

    works fine for me. i've had every beta since the initial release. maybe you just need a better computer or up to date version of Windows or if you really wanna do yourself a favour, switch to Linux :angry: btw. i like how i'm in the screenshot ;)
  11. Hub Website Hub Registration Hub Forum Need anything else? :angry:
  12. and remember to Register ;)
  13. :angry: i should try going inside... to see what happens ;) i've always wanted to turn into spaghetti
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