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  1. Eternally grateful to anyone who recorded this and and upload it.
  2. Fine Art from San Francisco. After a few false starts...
  3. Here's the San Francisco setlist. Great great show of course. Lots of good stories. I'll try to post some vids in the next couple days. Alert Status Red Born Losers Strange Days While We Were Hunting Rabbits 99% of us is Failure Suburbia I'm a Window Avalanche Motorway to Roswell (Pixies cover) Fine Art of Falling Apart Generation X-Wing How It Goes Apparitions ----------------------- Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance Prime Time Deliverance Sort of a Protest Song Omissions of the Omen
  4. Definitely a great show. Now I feel like I have to go see him with the band up in Canada to get a 'full length' show. Last night was great, but short. Boy Who Could Explode Hello Timebomb Great Whales of the Sea Volcanoes Born Losers I'm a Window Silent Army in the Trees Apparitions Weapon ---------- Giant Fought to Fight It Empty's Theme Park True Love Will Find You in the End Matt screwed up some lyrics to Timebomb and joked about it saying that he always forgets the words to the songs that are a 'decade old,' not the new ones. Also mentioned that with everyone sitting down in the small venue that maybe they should've started with 'Nights Like Tonight -> Avalanche instead of coming out with 2 rockers. After I'm a Window the band went into a little jazz improv thing - pretty funny. Apparitions was a really cool arrangement with some nice lap steel slide guitar. Matt busted his low E string on his sunburst 335 in the middle of Giant and switched to the red 335. Tons of energy the whole night and everyone sounded great. During the encore someone yelled 'Sidney Crosby is a pussy' or something to that effect and Matt very calmly explained that he'd probably take Crosby over Gretzky because there were enforcers back in Wayne's day and how Sidney will take a hit and then give it right back and score on you. How Crosby is a 'Rocket Richard type player.' Then made a couple quips about how much the Olympics ended up costing Vancouver, the US war budget, etc. Fought to Fight It and True Love Will Find You In The End were not on the setlist. Again, really great show...just wish it were a few songs longer.
  5. Obviously very excited about tonight. Never in a million years did I think I'd be seeing Matt Good live in the States. So after the acoustic SF show a couple years ago, seeing a full band show tonight...I can't wait.
  6. I really can't even begin to express how much I like this song. From the first time I heard the acoustic version. Just blows my mind.
  7. Setlist was: Main set: Metal Airplanes, Avalanche, Born Losers, Silent Army in the Trees->Black Helicopters, She's in it for the Money, Strange Days, Load Me Up, I'm a Window, 99% of us is Failure, Apparitions Encore 1: Champions of Nothing, Moon Over Marin, True Love Will Find You in the End Encore 2: Generation X-Wing, Advertising on Police Cars After Born Losers, he said he screwed up the song because he was thinking about what would be on spectre vision back at the hotel. At one point he joked that he thought it'd be really funny to play stuff that no one had ever heard for three hours. And started singing 'Unicorns are my favorite fucking animals even though don't exist and never have fucking existed...' Silent Army is incredible and he leads it right into Black Helicopters. Moon Over Marin seemed pretty spontaneous, but was really great to hear. There's a really beautiful area in the Bay Area just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco called Marin county. So that was cool.
  8. Awesome show in San Francisco. So happy to finally get to see Matt Good live. Didn't disappoint. I'll get some pics up soon. Pics from the San Francisco show
  9. Missed another one. Looks like a good one just going by the lyrics.
  10. Finally caught one of these updates. Sounds awesome. I hope it makes it on the next album. It has tons of promise.
  11. Would love to hear it if someone would be gracious enough to pass it on. Thanks
  12. I'm thrilled he's coming to San Francisco. I really can't wait. Have no idea what the venue is like, but it looks tiny. Should be great.
  13. Doesn't look like there are too many folks from the States around here, but it seems like Matt had planned to do a few shows in the states, some coinciding with the SXSW festival in Texas. So it looks like the Seattle date and the other tentative plans are being pushed back for now. Maybe into the new year. Still excited about the possibility of a Bay Area show.
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