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  1. she duets with Jeff Martin on the new Tea Party album too. (not so new- i should say latest album)
  2. spoke to soon. my copy was in the mail when i got home. 1 week wait- thats pretty damn good
  3. i still am waiting for mine too. I'm down here in the US (seattle) and MapleMusic says it'd take 3-6 weeks for delivery. A bit ridiculous in my opinion. But every Tea Party album I've ordered from a canadian site said they'd take 3-6 weeks too, and none took longer than 1-2 weeks
  4. SWEET! I got 4 copies... 1 for me and 3 for ebay a few months from now. JK- i only got one
  5. It was funny the first couple of times- but it is starting to grate a bit
  6. a girl named Ann Harrel... have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
  7. christ dude... sarcastic smart-ass remarks lose their power (if they had any) when you use them with every fucking post you make. Why not throw in a couple of neutral posts once in a while? you know- mix it up- show that you have some diversity- that you can be more than a one-trick-pony. oh, wait...
  8. heyrabbit- stop looking for the meaning of life in a movie w/ Will farrel in it and you may appreciate his humor. It could be possible that you are in those awkward years between the young "laugh at stupid things cuz it's funny" days and the "laugh at funny things cuz the world is too fuckin serious" days (that'll come in the future) We understand the need to not laugh at slapstick, as that could make one seem unintellectual and uncool. someday you wont give a shit. I certainly dont- and neither does Will Ferrel- thats what makes him so GD funny.
  9. crusader- who's that chick in your sig?
  10. yeah... it was awesome. they could cut some sappiness out. But it was awesome
  11. No. just sealing the first chapters of his music career- kindo wiping the slate clean.
  12. unless they want to discuss them in a forum... whcih this is. you'll notice that not every mblog post is in here- just the ones certain people want to talk about.
  13. definately. oddly i would not be one of them
  14. yes - but i was just mentioning only the song name REM- orange crush
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