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  1. I caved -- seems like it will be worth the $25.19 (stupid exchange rate)
  2. I work on the upper-east side, so I usually make it down to the Bowery around 5:30-6:00 and am always one of the first there -- that's probably the only thing I don't like about there is how late their shows start, but I guess everything goes late into the night in NYC (except my train back to NJ). Getting amped now that the tour has started, I haven't seen Matthew Good live in almost 5 years!
  3. 60 posts, at this rate I'm not going to get lounge access for at least another decade! Can forum membership length be factored in as well?
  4. See you there, front and center.
  5. I take it that means there's a minimum post requirement?
  6. Finally got my copy down here in NJ, loving Volcanoes and Empty's Theme Park the most. Anyone else find too much snare and not enough bass in the mix though? Equalizer fixes it -- maybe it's just me.
  7. Flash is a fantastic tool for both programming and multimedia. I think what you were trying to say was "Flash's embedded audio encoding sounds awful at low bitrates" but then again so does everything else. Lucky for you, the Flash player is just linking to an MP3 file, whose location is readily available. As for your incorrect assertions on file types, since the preview just being served via a web server, all file types are free, providing you have a player for them. Outside of the Apple community, MP4 support is not yet as prevalent as MP3, so I would argue MP3 is the choice format. St
  8. So yesterday came and went and clearly nothing happened...FYI.
  9. VTSV

    A Game

    Giant Hello Time Bomb Strange Days I Miss New Wave Load Me Up Failing the Rorschach Test Suburbia Let's Get It On Jenni's Song Going All The Way A Boy And His Machine Gun The Future Is X-Rated Born To Kill Running For Home
  10. Mother Mother opened for Sam Roberts here in NYC back in February. They were OK.
  11. I'll sell you mine for $30 plus shipping. Pretty sure that's how much I gave Andrew from Phoenix for it off ebay in the stupidity of my youth. I also paid $100+ for Lo-Fi B-Sides, which Matt signed in 2005 and told me it would be worthless because it was going on In A Coma later that year. F I've wasted a lot of money...
  12. Maybe my ears are deceiving me, or maybe it's just because they're all demos, but do all the songs have pretty much the exact same drum track?
  13. False. Edit: Pfft, too short my ass Come to think of it, why am I even here? I thought I gave up this message board crap years ago. At least you guys seem like you aren't tools
  14. Being that I'm sitting at my desk on the corner of 60th and Madison right now, my question is: Why on earth would anyone live in New York City?
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