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  1. Show was awesome, and lol yeah he did play with his fly down, he mentioned it broke 10 mins before the show started. It was at Richards on richards, and it was an incredible show as usual. I love the small venues he plays in. I guess you just gotta be lucky, or have a REALLY fast redial...lol
  2. Last of the Ghetto Astronauts Raygun Underdogs Lo-fi B-sides Beautiful Midnight Loser Anthems Audio of Being (signed copy) Avalanche White Light Rock & Roll Review Broken(burned) Left of Normal(burned) 15 Hours on a September Thursday (burned) Euphony (burned)
  3. I guess the guys across the line don't know what real music's all about. no offence to any americans who like him...MATT GOOD RULES ;)
  4. I have a signed copy of "At last there is nothing left to say"... ;)
  5. I saw the dears and a few other bands which I can't remember the names of... I didn't like them very much, as I only wanted to see Matt Good...
  6. Can't wait to see his show on canada day! very small venue, private show ;)
  7. How many of you are fortunate enough to have won tickets to see this private show on Canada Day in Vancouver? That's the only way you can go is by listening to CFOX and winning tickets... ;) I'm going!!!!
  8. "Dream of where it left you, when you were still too young, to know the difference between the faith in your heart, and the politics of looking dumb… " Empty Road
  9. I like Matt's style now a lot more, than when he was with the MGB.
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