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  1. i have done quite a few transactions with StubHub. Also if you are going to buy from someone on craigslist, ticketmaster has a feature where they will actually transfer the e-tickets to your ticketmaster account. this is the ONLY way to ensure that the e-tickets you bought weren't printed off multiple times and sold repeatedly. other than that, if you buy an e-ticket from someone the only way to guarantee entry to the venue is to be the first one to get scanned in at the gate. as of right now on stub hub there are over 2500 tickets available, all are guaranteed and your lowest price at the moment is $205 per.
  2. what the hell are you talking about.
  3. holy shit RACHEL! man i was in love with her... and totally forgot about that.
  4. http://passages.winnipegfreepress.com/passage-details/id-208829/name-Christoffer_Haugen/ username: sodamntired
  5. great finale. i had high expectations and when i turned the tv off i was satisfied.
  6. "arrows of desire.... good luck with it" bipolarity, not bipolarism
  7. apparently (may just be a rumor) there is a breaking bad spin off in the works. saul goodman is the protagonist.
  8. as soon as the vid started, i thought to myself "it would be cool if he walked off the street, into a bar and then on stage and started playing"
  9. i random yelled once. at a small club in vancouver at the plaza of nations played a band called limb lifter. they literally ran out from behind the stage, picked up their gear and started going at it. the first song was horrible, they were way out of sync and i yelled something to my friend... it couldn't have been worse timing because i had raised my voice so he could hear me over the loudness, but right as i started saying it they finished, so literally the song ended and the first thing everyone in the place heard was "THESE GUYS SUCK!" anyways, fast forward about 6 or 7 years and I'm at a party. there's this guy there and we're getting along swimmingly. I sort of recognize him, but it's dark and we've been drinking for a while. We end up going to his place which is a couple doors down and sure enough its ryan dahle. i'm like "dude, i have a confession" and as soon as i started painting the picture he's like "THAT WAS YOU!?.... AWESOME!"
  10. probably because your parents don't love you and girls never looked at you.
  11. off topic, but: it's not NHL players, it's Junior hockey players, specifically Canadian ones. and it's not an anomaly, it's a direct affect of the cut off dates for registration in minor hockey, which is the last day of the year. When you're 8, 9, 10 years old, 7-11 months of maturity makes a huge difference. The kids born in January, February and March have almost a year on those born in October, November & December. they're bigger and stronger and more experienced. in hockey, if you're bigger and stronger you're given more opportunity to succeed and thus they are at a developmental advantage because they are given more opportunity to improve. by the time they get to major junior level, they have logged more ice time (i'm sure you're aware of the 10,000 hour "rule"?), have played on better teams with better coaches and given more connections... however, when it comes time to be judged against those who have made it as professional athletes, the sample size is much bigger and so is the talent pool, so their abilities become less impressive and the natural skill and vision become more important. essentially, your birth month can only get you so far, then the stars need to align ;)
  12. i've been to the biodome in montreal. vancouver aquarium is way better. no matter where you go snowboarding you're going to spend $100. it costs $40 just to get up and down grouse on the gondola and the actual on-snow experience isn't as good. as for the gluten free places/dishes, if it says it's gluten free, how would there be any confusion? sounds like you're making excuses to not go. if you decide to, try sweet cherubim on commercial drive. totally gluten free and tasty.
  13. the big c is good, too. watched the first two seasons on netflix, havent watched since then. i cant find anything more recent on netflic or apple tv.
  14. the aquarium is cool. i'm a little jaded because i've been taking my son there for like 3 years, but they are always adding something. yes it's $20 but you can easily spend 1/2 the day there, or more if you're really interested. if you're going to try snowboarding, go to cypress. there are a ton of gluten free restaurants in addition to a ton of places that offer gluten free options.
  15. thats a myth. most precipitation reports include snow, and since north vancouver is essentially on a mountain, the numbers are skewed. when it comes to actual rain, abbotsford wins with most days of rain and total cumulative amount. vancouver and north vancouver get nearly same. vancouver is just like any other city, the businesses in each area reflect the lifestyle of those living in that area. the west end is heavily independent, more community driven, there are no corporations there, thus no corporate stores/restaurants... gastown is fauxhemian, yaletown is very commercial and righteous, west 4th/kitsilano is trendy, commercial drive is melting pot and main st. is legit hipster. downtown core is a mix of live/work and tourists. the difference is obvious: live/work walk fast and with a purpose, tourists walk slow.
  16. abigail's party is the best food you've ever had? wow.
  17. i like it, and i watch/follow very very few tv shows. as a matter of fact, the only other shows i watch regularly are mantracker and the big break. what captivates me is the polarization of emotions you can feel toward any one character. when you really start to "hate" one character or root for another and then suddenly switch, the writer has done his job.
  18. you can remember 14 different things that your parents want you to do, but you can figure out how to do any of them? i know a professional athlete with MS. remember that before you convince yourself that you're a victim.
  19. a disc of an artists favourite tracks... thats actually a great idea.
  20. i'm glad i could distract you from your homework. keep spending your borrowed money at community college.
  21. i guess it makes sense that the two most populous cities in BC would have the largest school disctricts. way to use your problem solving skills.
  22. quebec income tax is ridiculously high, BC is on the other end of the spectrum and there's the added benefit of the west coast and all it has to offer. dont be sheltered by news articles that say vancouver is unaffordable. it's very small pockets where rent and real estate is exorbitantly high. you can get into a cool area around Main St and have everything you need.
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