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  1. Lorien

    A Game

    this thread has inspired me to actually burn a best of mattgood imo cd! wth have i never done that before? guess when i have all the albums in my car all the time it doesnt really matter.
  2. ... I still think "If i was a tidal wave" is the best... but im in love with the boy who could explode! cant say ive heard any of the other new demos... any way i could find some? or maybe maybe email to me? that would be splendid.
  3. The Prestige, good plot twists, gotta pay attention, and it was neat! Recommended by Me.
  4. Yeah, its no "Lion King", but y'know! prestige was better than final fantasy advent children! which pwned bill and ted. So from my review, dont expect dudes with flying swords when it comes to hitler moustaches and bullet catches. DURR. Screw critics. its a movie you should form your own bias by watching on your own. My problem is, i go into movies expecting something kick ass, with brutal bloody violence, nonsense of killings... For instance, i was disappointed by Saw 3, because i thought it'd be crazier than what it was. No, watch Smokin Aces for what it is, you cant really compare it to anything else, and it IS entertaining!
  5. Click Here Janney posted earlier about the Hurt that was cut off in the NF store, someone linked this in another thread, and the same site had the hurt video on it, along with other classics, as im sure you'll see when you click it ;) (Do the 2nd one, the first one sounds liek chipmunks.) Enjoy
  6. yeah, wait 45 seconds for a popup about getting laid for me... hehe im so special. Interesting... i really cant wait to hear a recording from his solo career.
  7. He played Prime Time Deliverance at the Calgary show several months back. Ive always wanted to hear him play We're So Heavy, ive been idolizing that song ever since its release
  8. June, or July (31st)? ...Hmmm?
  9. 1)Symbolistic White Walls 2)Workers Sing a song of mass production 3)She's got a new Disguise This is harsh... choosing these songs to vote off...
  10. be sure to zip it so we can get em all at once. that'd be great
  11. i dont think he'd let the lack of tiampani and the orchestra stop him from playing it live... he'd get by, he's done it before, time and time again. and the being too hard to sing... thats questionable. Perhaps he just never wanted to do it? *shrug*
  12. You can never go wrong with Avalanche... as of now ive seen him play it live twice, and heard two live bootleggers, they were all somewhat different in many and some few ways. Amazing... I love it though!!! when he dies down... crowd starts cheering, everyone believes the song is over... i fall for it every time, then he breaks into this huge solo, flawless song.
  13. my cat says meow more than you ever would! but usually she's quiet...
  14. Lorien


    Comparing Avalanche to WLRRR, it just, cant be done, they are two completely different albums. To me it takes great talent ot be able to do that. Listening to most of matt's music, all of his albums seem to have a different tone to them. If you look at some of the more crappier bands of this generatoin, most of their albums sound the same. ALso the amount of time and effort put into Avalanche, the orchestra, pushing back the release dates numerous times, it better be a damn good album! and it was. WLRRR didnt have as much energy put into it to the extent of an orchestra.(still a great album) It was also one of those albums that had to grow on you...
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