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  1. vermont?? he better make it down to nyc...
  2. haha i remember odiorne. i was the only person who stuck up for them. not because i liked their music or anything but i felt bad. so bad that i wasted 10 bucks on their cd. which i needed really bad the next day haha.
  3. "get your tubes all lubed up because here it comes"
  4. how was meeting up with mg in the studio?
  5. no reason to attact my musc. i just like to write. and about snorting coke? whats the relevance...i guess you get a lot of satisfaction attacking people you know so little about. aside, the reason i pointed out the incorrect spelling is because that makes him even more underappreciated. i hope you can relax now, i didnt mean to have such a huge effect on your life that you create fiction about me.
  6. im glad you get your fustrations out on a message board. However, id advise you to grow a set of balls, step out into the real world, buy a gun, shoot yourself and spare me of your dumb witted attempts at trying to downsize my self esteem. ps. fuck off
  7. they are both very different albums but equally amazing.
  8. "I've fallen asleep again And when I wake up you won't be here Don't you think I don't know? I've been asleep for years" that line, to me, is true romance.
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