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  1. Ugh, I wish I could have been there for it. That setlist was killer. Hopefully some vids surface!
  2. Zebra - Thanks Man, I think I would have a place to crash, IF I do make the trip, but it is looking unlikely. If I am going to make it, I'll message you as soon as I know! Charles - If I would have seen your post earlier I would have been chanting for NF with you. Also, didn't the drive back to North County suck? I'm on the border of Carlsbad and Encinitas....we should have carpooled. Maybe even the trolley....hahah So...SAN DIEGO WAS FANTASTIC Just another show to Matt I'm sure, but the venue was perfect. Like he was playing in a basement. I was 15 feet away the whole show and nobody was behind me. When I moved up I was 5 feet away. So different from the Canadian showsI'm used to, and even LA on Saturday. Great set, lots of familiar songs, my better-than-average-fan friend Trav loved the familiarity. Less Vancouver than the LA set. Great energy despite being the bastard stepchild concert to the LA show (with agents, etc). Automatic Loveletter CRUSHED IT. Srsly. Go see them. Incredible voice on Juliet. I got to meet her tonight and she is rad as hell. DO NOT MISS THEM. So the guys killed it as usual, video was a LOT less of a problem here than in LA. Got 5 songs in HD plus some banter. Saw a couple others videoing as well. Will upload my SD stuff with Whales from LA asap. Probably going to be youtube. Did the cotton ball over the microphone holes trick so audio is way better than most. You guys will like it so much you will dismiss my wobbly camera work. Beers are hard sometimes. Hung after the show for one more beer and met some cool people, the only other ones who didn't ghost so fast. Got to talk to Blake a lot, then went in to the can, found Blake's setlist still on the stage, Stu came out, got his sig, then Milos came from the shadows and scribbled something....bassists......lol. All these guys are GREAT people. If you get the chance, make sure you talk to them...they are fantastic musicians and help Matt's performance reach the next level. Super cool assistant chick, we'll call her PEI, as that is where she is from, saw my 75% groupie effort and went on the bus to get Matt to sigh my shite. As you can see, he did. Word is, he hit the bunk pretty fast and only talked to a couple fans...bummed I didn't get to thank him for his music. Next time. Great show, both Sat and tonight. I feel privileged. Thanks Matt for making the trip here. Please come back soon.
  3. Absolutely. /discussion ;) In all seriousness, if it is within your means to make the trip, you will be so happy you did. Seeing Matt's live show is something I will travel for without hesitation. I'm even contemplating driving to Phoenix for the next show after tonight...
  4. Yeah, the dude thought he'd be funny using that slang name that combines Vancouver and Hong Kong. Matt made him feel like a total prick. I would have probably left after that if I were him. Matt posted something on his website yesterday about his eye. He has sarcoidosis, and occasionally gets flareups where one symptoms is blurred and obscure vision in one or both eyes. He went to an opthomologist in LA and got some meds for it, he'll be fine. People asked him how he was doing 3 or 4 times last night. After a while he was like, don;t worry, I'm fine. It was a really weird that so many people were commenting to him about it. I think it would be cool if he wore a patch over his eye for the SD show. Just to screw with everyone. Hahah
  5. Another thing to mention, the opening act, Automatic Loveletter, was really great. For those who don't know, it's a chick with an acoustic and a couple guys on backup bass and guitar and that's it. And this girl has a HUGE voice. Very, very talented. Songs seemed all about being jaded from bad relationships, except for the one about being crazy in love again, but it really didn't detract at all. First time I have seen or heard them and I am looking forward to them opening here in SD on Monday... Yeah, climbed up, stood on his left behind the neck of his guitar, wrapped both her arms around him and nearly buried her face in his armpit while her BF took a pic. You should have seen his face it was one of those annoyed "for the love of God" kind of fake smiles. Bouncer came lumbering out from side stage, but she was down and Matt was back at it before he could get there, they just let her stay up front and think like she won the bloody lottery. Just really weird behaviour in general...
  6. Just got in from LA, trying to recall the setlist, definitely not in any order: Boy Who Could Explode Great Whales Fought Avalanche Apparitions Load Me Up Timebomb Weapon Nights Like Tonight Empty's Giant True Love Born Losers I'm sure someone will correct me with the order and perhaps any exclusions..... Great show, great energy. Maybe 200 people? They played longer than the setlist would lead you to believe, maybe a bit over 90 min? I forgot to look at my watch. Busted guitar strings and cymbals a couple times. I managed to get an HD vid of Great Whales, but the video police came along and shut us all down by the 4th song. I'll youtube it ASAP. Not what I expected, the venue never stopped the recording when The Hip was there last fall. Maybe Matt still prefers no video? I was under the impression he lets that slide more now... Other happenings: Some dude made an ethnic slur about Vancouver's large asian population, Matt didn't like that much. Asked him if he was going to his k k k meeting afterwards.*** Lots of people asked him about his eye. It got to be a bit weird with respect to that. He's OK if you're wondering. Some girl jumped on stage in the last verse of Empty (one of the extended encores) and her BF took a pic. Matt looked a little annoyed as he had to stop mid verse, but he let it slide and the bouncers followed his lead on that. Sorry for the rather disjoint post. Just drove in from LA and I'm a little wiped. ***interstingly, if you do not space the letters k k k you get this emoticon----> ;), hence the edit.
  7. I might be able to unload that for you. I have a friend on the fence about driving up with us tomorrow. I'll let you know ASAP.
  8. Yeah, that acoustic tour was something else. I was fortunate enough to see him at the Hotel Cafe in LA right before he cancelled all those shows. I speaks volumes to how much he enjoyed it that there was absolutely no reason to think that in 24 hours he'd be laid out for 2 weeks with the flu. I can't believe he wasn't feeling a little off that night, but it sure as hell didn't show... Don't get me wrong, I'm abolutely thrilled he's coming to SoCal. He could cover Fine Young Cannibals all night for a I care.
  9. I've been pretty fortunate, finding my way down here from Winnipeg...I never take it for granted, that's for certain. My roommate is from MD. All I hear is Terps Terps Terps.... I'm buying her a ticket for Monday ;)
  10. Makes sense. I'm just getting greedy. I honestly wonder if he ever even PLAYED San Diego before? As I said, the only one I have seen scheduled here in the 5+ years I lived here was cancelled a couple years back. I never even saw him in Minneapolis in the four years I lived there before moving to SD. I actually drove home to Winnipeg and saw him on the Avalanche tour. That was the last time I saw the full band accompaniment.... Either way, it is going to be incredible, long of short. I'm just stoked he's finally coming all the way down here... Also, valid points about song length. I was thinking about that. There are just so many things I'd love to hear live again, since it's been so long. It makes sense for a shorter setlist in the small venues. Tradeoff I guess.
  11. Thanks for posting! Maybe it's me, but that still seems like a short setlist...? I guess I'm used to seeing the Hip bang out 16-18 songs in the small venues? Either way, I'm getting fired up looking at these setlists. Looks like there will be some changes from night to night, so altogether I'm expecting to hear a pretty good spread. I'm really looking forward to Silent Army and Black Helicopters with a full band...
  12. Yeah, I saw him in LA that time, almost didn't go because he was playing 5 minutes from my house at the Belly up in Solana Beach the next night. Realized how lucky was to have two shows close to me, so I went and then he cancelled San Diego and a bunch more. I was soooooo glad I made that lousy rush-hour drive...! Best part was it was in this tiny place - Hotel Cafe - and it felt like there were about 60 people there. Probably more like 100, but still... Oh, and Pete Yorn showed up and played with Matt. There's a bunch of youtube vids from that show. Great night, I'm so looking forward to this weekend.
  13. Thanks for the setlist. Seems a little short but you said you couldn't remember it all so maybe that's it... Hopefully he plays a little longer this weekend. 90 min+ would be nice... Have a great time tonight, looking forward to hearing your notes!
  14. I'd love to hear how things went last night. I've got tickets for Los Angeles and San Diego this coming weekend and would like to see what we're in for...!
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