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  1. Do you still have the Apparitions promo?
  2. Does anyone out there know if there is any difference between "Black Market Surgery" and "At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say"? Do they both contain the same material?
  3. I definately think there is some rhyme or reason behind the picture he posted. It's early though. Maybe he will keep the title "Dark Town Gospel" or "77", but he will tweak the cover art for sure.
  4. The Audio Of Being is my favorite album of all time, and BM takes a close second. Matt has said that he felt the band had gone as far as it could creatively by that point. I am happy that they went out on the top of their game. It gives me chills thinking about what the band may still have had left in them though, regardless of what Matt says. I hope that on Matt's new upcoming album there is more music similar to that found on AOB.
  5. I would like to see that footage from the Audio Of Being.
  6. Yes, I meant a promo cd released prior to the actual release.
  7. Has anybody out there ever seen or heard of a In A Coma promo?
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