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  1. That set list is from the first Massey show, which was solo-acoustic. The second show was full band and opened with the best version of Champions of Nothing that I've ever heard. To my recollection, Giant was played. The show was incredible.
  2. How about Mr. LaForge? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/t...ordiLaForge.jpg
  3. I'd happily pay over a bill for that! I can't get over how good Champions of Nothing sounded. I keep playing it over and over in my head.
  4. Champions of Nothing was spectacular to say the least! The band he has hired is utterly fantastic, especially the lead guitarist. He is exceptional without a doubt. The lap steel during Blue Skies Over Badlands was really moving. He has great chemistry with Matt, so I hope to see them work together again
  5. I couldn't agree more...He did this the first time I saw him live and I thought it was tremendous!
  6. After seeing the TO show, I'm really considering attending another...finding a babysitter for our son will on short notice isn't easy, though.
  7. Pinto, thanks a bunch for this and all of the recording you've done in the past...I've been appreciating you're work for sometime now.
  8. I though the song "indestructible" was catchy and I liked it. I figured I would just get bored of it and move on as I always do. My girlfriend at the time (and now wife) bought me the CD one day and gave it to me when I picked her up from work. I was like "c'mon, babe...that's a complete waste of money! I like one song and will likely never listen to the rest!". One snowy day at about 5:30 AMish, driving to work on what seemed to be a normal day, I found myself to be completely memorized by Prime Time Deliverance. I knew then there was more to this Matt Good fellow than a catchy tun
  9. I see "this mission" as referring to your life...how you go to work, you buy products, consume, procreate, etc. How the "system" (for lack of a better word) has a hold of you until you die...then it "let's you go". That's always been my take on it.
  10. 1)Rat Who Would Be King 2)Pledge of Allegiance 3)My out of Style -- easily the most difficult choice for me. 4)Sort of a Protest Song 5)A Long Way Down 6)Advertising on Police Cars 7)Flashdance II - very tough call too. 8)Running For Home 9)Look Happy, It's the End of the World -- also very tough.
  11. I was at both of those...I don't know the set-lists, but I do know that he opened DC with NF and Le Skratch with Blue Skies. DC was my first ever MG concert. ;)
  12. I'll have to go back and re-listen...but didn't the lyrics change from "for every 1 we spend 3" to "for every 1 we kill 3" ?
  13. I'm new, however... These lyrics appear to be wrong: "And so we sing So we sing So we sing " Should be "We're surfacing We're surfacing " and... "I'm some of it You're some of it We're some of it I'm certain of it " should be "I'm certain of it I'm certain of it I am certain of it".
  14. Totally agree. This moved me enough to join the board just so I could say that I agreed. ;) Also: (pink bunny suits, sourcherry lipstick) (we're ruthless/cunning, heir to it all) (how come they're feeling so terrible...) (how can you love Jove, Drusilla?) (when the bus stops/rain drops...break it again!) and many more...
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