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  1. hawkeye


    What is the best way for you to send it? Give you an email address? Thanks a lot Bladeso. Please just let me know. Almost two hours... what a show!
  2. hawkeye


    Oh man, I would LOVE a copy. It was an incredible show. The cover at the end of the show of Josh Ritter's "Girl in the War" was AWESOME. Does someone have a copy of that, please? Great show... GREAT SHOW!
  3. there is a longer live version on you tube. does anyone have the words to it? does anyone need the link (i think that it was posted already though...)? ;) would love to find the lyrics if anyone knows where they are posted. thanks!
  4. Argh! So far off!!! Maybe someday... I wish I had more to say.
  5. Thanks for the songs man. Enjoying them.
  6. Nice cover of protest... it's kind of like listening to a song on a swing... not that I've ever done that!
  7. Sure. Sorry. Kay, so to get to the Lounge do you need a certain number of posts?
  8. WLRRR wasn't one of my fav albums on the whole. But I like that he stripped the band down, so the songs would sound the same (or better) live. I think it shows that he is willing to try new things. Less studio cut, more real. But maybe that's just me...
  9. Thanks for the line Carl. Thanks for the link Prometheon. I'm lovin' it! One quick question though... The line, "I wore this one when I walked away" it sounds to me like it might be "walked alone". Also, on the cut I had, it sounds like (to me anyhow) that he might say, a couple of times, "When my baby left me". But there is a decent chance I'm crazy! (or just drunk! it does make it more fun!). But for sure on the link, he just says "when my baby's with me (now)". Thanks for the help everyone!
  10. Ok. I'm asking all you MG fans out there for a little help. I downloaded a song a few years back. The sound quality is pretty poor, but from what I can hear of the song it is a sweet song that I haven't heard from MG before. It was (mis)labelled "House of Smoke and Mirrors". As far as I can tell it is a live recording from a show MG played in 2002 at Cayuga. The lines go something like: If I stay here with you I don't want for nothing I won't miss and I don't want you When my baby left me I don't want for nothing I don't miss her and I don't want her(?) That is kind of what
  11. Omissions is too good. I've just started to really like SWW, but I've always liked Omissions... it's just too good! :-)
  12. All right, I've been trying to find this for a while now, but for some reason I can't seem to find the lyrics to the longer version of She's in it for the money... For some reason I thought they were up here somewhere, but I may have just dreamed it! Can anyone point me in the right direction please? (or if they are not here, where one might be able to find them)
  13. hawkeye


    Okay, I'm loving Sleep. It's so good, I would say it's my favourite Rodchester Kings song. Any disagreement? (friendly disagreement!) :-)
  14. Near Fantastica has to be one of the best live songs... When the whole band gets going. Pretty tough to beat it I'd say!
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