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  1. 5/10 As much as I like Pandas that thing is obnoxiously cute. You still get 5 points for having a panda though.
  2. He used to be different? But I thought trolls were born that way.
  3. mikebutt


    What do you people think about the pre-MGB stuff? I think its a little raw from time to time but some of the best Matt Good songs come from that period. Heather's like Sunday, Parable, Folk Singer, Waiting for the Great Destruction and easily one of my top 5 MG songs, Push. The only horrible MG song that springs to mind is Its been awhile since I was your man. Bleh. And just to weigh in, I think Annabelle was pretty good and better than 75% of what was on WLRRR.
  4. Yeah, I hear that. Its horrible and will probably get sensationalized to high hell. But when you get right down to it, he shouldn't have run away from the fucking police. I would think that thats kind of a no brainer.
  5. mikebutt


    Wow. By Oliver Stone of all people. I wonder if hes going to slip some conspiracy theories in there. Probably not. Might be a little too sensitive.
  6. Really? I thought it was Robert Plant. Vedders cool too though. 9/10.
  7. Day For Night and Up To Here are the best. I liked the new one too actually, although I also can't remember what its called. Anyone else really like Up To Here? It seems to be the forgotten Hip album.
  8. mikebutt


    This is the first I've heard of the 9/11 movie. I don't think its gonna get made for a LONG time. You can't even have the twin towers in movies that are completely unrelated. As for Homolkas battered wife sydrom, what a load of crap. People take psychiatry way too far. People have to be accountable for their actions. Its like theres a psychiatric disorder that can get you off the hook for anything.
  9. mikebutt


    Holy shit. I didn't know there was an arcade. Pacman is awesome and I look forward to crushing all those who would oppose me in my quest to get the high score. Actually I'm not that good at pacman, but I like it so I'm gonna play it anyway.
  10. My avatar is the Newfoundland republic flag I'm sure that is a beautiful picture at the right size. Doesn't make for a good av though. 4/10.
  11. mikebutt


    I think LOTGA is probably tied with underdogs for best Matt Good album. Does everyone hate LOTGA? I liked fearless too.
  12. Hmm... hard to actually give a best ten so I will list the ten best movies that pop into my head. I Heart Huckabees Eernal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Pulp Fiction The Big Kahuna The Godfather I and II (3 is okay) Casino Scarface American Beauty Snatch The Usual Suspects And can someone explain to me what makes Shawshank Redemption the most beloved movie of all-time? It was well-acted and well-written but to me, I just don't see what puts it at the top. It seemed kinda melodramatic and simple.
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