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  1. i finished read Memoirs of a Geisha a short while ago. basically i knew that i always intended on reading it so i decided to do it before i saw the movie so as to not have a tainted view. within the last week i've read maybe 5 books; a variety of teen fiction, nothing spectacular, enjoyable for a fast read.
  2. i wasn't aware travis sang for the transplants..i don't think he did. i don't think many people (even old blink fans) really care what's happened to them.
  3. i haven't bought the album yet, planning on doing that. but i have all the songs already i think, i love dallas' voice and he's growing on his own. save your scissors isn't the best track, keep listening.
  4. i dunno, the strokes have been going downhill for me. i'm not sure how worthwhile it is for me to buy this album, it seems they've been working quietly for some time.
  5. i like female vocals but i have to admit i don't have that many in my library. i take them seriously, but i don't really take all-girl bands seriously, i'm not sur why. it's just that there haven't been any that stand out in my mind as successful.
  6. hahah that crawling over apparitions would be me, i love it and really think it deserved any appreciation it got. i'd have to pick Blue Skies...not that it was really recognized, but the bored seems to like it and i never really got into it. overrated in my opinion.
  7. i'd have to say that People don't want to pay for stuff they already own, because that was my reason. i really wanted the dvd and acoustic but Greatest hits? sure it comes with oh be joyful but i already have that, and it just wasn't all that appealing to buy a greatest hits album when i have all the cds. the lack of publicity was obvious, but i'm not sure if more publicity would have helped.
  8. Octopussy or Golden Eye. Bond films started sucking the past couple of years.
  9. i saw this last week, it was amazing really good filming. some parts were confusing with the flashbacks but i really enjoyed it, despite the lengthiness, and it kept me on edge.
  10. i personally like the sp and agree with everyone who said there's too much generalism out there. whether the artist addresses it or not and gives you a specific name, usually when they're writing a song they have something some event someone specific in mind. whether or not YOU know doesn't really make a difference. i think i can feel related to music without being that person. i like 1989 it feels right, and jane and 40 miles those in particular really don't bother me at all. but the whole mystery of being able to interpret yourself without being TOLD all the time, having to think...that's nice too. you don't want all the mystery taken away but you want some room to grow if you will.
  11. i'm too typical, but The Bends...come on, every single track on that album is killer. their best hits are pretty much somwhere within the first 4 tracks.
  12. yeah i know everyone hates john mayer but he's always been a guilty pleasure of mine. i'm not really one for those 13 year old girl pop songs, but i'll listen to him do them. something about this voice, and he actually is a skilled guitarist. you should check out his cover of Message in a Bottle which i actually love, and if you listen to the stuff he doesn't release you'll get a better sense of him.
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