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    Squamish, BC
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    rock climbing, hippies, drugs, beaches, squamish, secks, serial killers, memories, photography, the 80s, drawing/painting, movies, music, the night sky, t-shirts, crosswords, sudoku, html, holding hands, piercings, etc.
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    i like fruit baskets. because a fruit basket enables you to mail somebody a piece of fruit without appearing insane. if you just mail somebody some apples they're like "what the hell is this?" but if you put those apples in a basket they're like "this is NICE!"
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    advertising on police cars
  1. hahaha i thought it was real the first time i saw it too. so don't feel stupid. well, you can. but you'll at least know you're not the only idiot around here.
  2. i don't think he's come out with anything else, no. i wish he did though.
  3. garden state the rules of attraction eternal sunshine of the spotless mind fubar pirates of the carribean live from baghdad closer the pianist fear and loathing in las vegas k wait... this is ridiculous. i can't possibly finish this list. i heart way too many movies to narrow my absolute favs down into ten. this post is hurting my brain.
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