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  1. I just decided to click on this bookmark I still have. So much time spent here.
  2. This is my main ringtone. I have others for specific people.
  3. I'm really interested in checking out their new album. With them reuniting (not to mention I Mother Earth) and a new album from The Headstones on the way, Canadian music is looking a lot more like it did in the late 90s (when I was still a teenager) and I'm okay with that. I wouldn't mind hearing from Moist too!
  4. I think most of us that have been around here since the beginning (or almost the beginning) have each other on fb.Obviously Matt brought us all here but we all found we had other similarities and that's why there are other sections that have way more posts than the matt good section.
  5. This place is dead because of fb.
  6. It's a good joke but a little part of me dies every year when I see this. Also when I see him listed as being from Winnipeg... We deserve better than that.
  7. I still come by here a few times a week but I can't be bothered to respond to Sodamntired. Sadly, the days of message boards are slowly fading. With facebook and twitter, it makes it much easier to connect with fans of things you are a fan of. I'll always have a special place in my heart for the Bored though.
  8. It was a good interview. I smiled when he mentioned Geoff. I miss that guy skulking around here.
  9. The opener sucked! And then when they played their last song, I realized it was a song they used to play on Power 97 that I hated so i thought it was funny. That said, the winnipeg show was, as always, fantastic!
  10. Whenever I listen to older MGB stuff now, I find I always thing of Geoff. He was a good guy.
  11. I was not prepared for it to be this different. It does look good though.
  12. I love this show so much right now! I hate the Lanisters (well, except for Tyrian) and I wish the season didn't end this sunday.
  13. So far, I haven't noticed a change in my life because of this strike, but that will change soon. I should be getting a letter about renewing my drivers license and car registration, any day now and I kind of need those. Also, as someone with parents who are older than most, I know they rely on mail more than people in our generation do. I think that to say we don't need mail 5 days a week is not true though. Watch a mailman sometime, every day, his bag is full and he usually seems to follow the same general schedule daily. (he's usually at our house around 11:30) So, if these guys are working 8 hour days every day, and you cut them down to working say, 3 days a week, they will just have more mail to deliver on those three days and will probably need to work overtime to do that. I don't think there is an easy solution at this point. Paying more will raise the cost of mailing anything which will eventually contribute to needing to raise the cost of living which will lead to postal workers wanting more money.
  14. THOR!!!!!! 8=================D out of 8==================D
  15. Our political system IS busted. I can't help wondering if Harper would still be PM if we voted for our local representative and PM separately. This whole election, I've been pulling for the NDP. I figured they were a long shot but I think they surprised everyone. Here's hoping that, in 4 years people will have learned their lesson and not vote George W. Harper back in.
  16. So, am I the only person disappointed by the results?
  17. I beat Portal 2 last night. It is fantastic! I had no idea how they could top the first one, but they pulled it off. There's a reason Valve is one of the developers I really respect.
  18. From what I've heard, (not the whole thing yet mind you) I really like the album. It does sound very much like it is returning to a sound closer to their old stuff. With that though, I have to point out that their appearance on SNL last weekend seemed very lackluster, almost as if they weren't really into what they were playing.
  19. Just when I thought I couldn't hate you any more than I already did, you bastardize NIN lyrics. Get out of my city/country!
  20. Jack has been doing a lot of other stuff. Meg was pretty much all around useless (and suffered from stage fright) so I'm not surprised.
  21. That is eating up so much of my time. I wish we could send each other our games because I think it would be interesting to check out what someone else has built
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