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  1. Anyone else feel like Mutineering would fit absolutely flawlessly onto Avalance?
  2. I was asked my least favourite song on the album the other day and found it extremely difficult to answer. I suppose it's Shallow's Low, but to me the album is so good front to back that it's hard to pick one. Of his solo releases to me it's pretty clearly: Avalanche > LOES > WLR&RR > Hospital Music = Vancouver I'll probably get shit for having White Light so high, but fuck that, it's a great rock and roll album.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it sounds like Avalanche, I'm saying that to me it's on the same level as Avalanche. The album feels like a love child, is the best way I can describe it upon early listens which is exactly the way I'd describe Avalanche. While I enjoy Hospital Music and to a lesser extent Vancouver, I don't feel the same sense of connection with them. I feel like this album is MG in his prime the way I felt and still feel Avalanche was. I felt Avalanche was the whole package. To me, there's always things I like about Matt's releases but it never all really seems to come
  4. This is easily his best release since Avalanche, and with a few listens might rival it. Matt wasn't fucking around when he said this is the best thing he's ever done. The vocals are SPOT ON on this release and the increased piano is fantastic. This is easily better than HM or Vancouver to me.
  5. Or maybe he's in a place to be able to write the kind of records he wants to write? I get the sense that creatively Matt feels more fulfilled now than ever, hopefully not having to worry about radio play or awards or anything like that. At the end of the day I'd rather hear the music he wants to make then have him make Avalanche or Beautiful Midnight over and over.
  6. Holy shit. Non Populus is absolute brilliance. Matt, you have quite a way with lengthy songs. They're easily your best.
  7. It was by far my favourite of the demos I've heard as well. I don't know how it would fit on an album, though. To me it feels "finished" in demo form. Like a gem to satisfy those who love the artist enough to seek out the demos and b sides.
  8. I've been fucking enamored with this shit lately. Fantastic music. Pyramid Electric Co All Falls Together Anyone else a fan?
  9. Listening through all the demos for the first time. I REALLY like the sound of "A Little Something To Fall Asleep To".
  10. Pearl Jam both times I've seen them. Hearing songs like Footsteps, No Way, Love, Reign O'er Me, and Breath live...No words.
  11. I keep coming back to this album. Every time I want to listen to something lately I end up playing this.
  12. Indeed...He also plays a bit of Lilac Wine from time to time.
  13. The emotion he played with was incredible. You could tell it was just total passion for what he does. During one song he was strumming his guitar so hard and fast one of the strings snapped and it didn't even phase him. Also, during one of the songs he played a line or two of Jeff Buckley's Grace which kicked ass.
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