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  1. only if prevoked (sp?).... hehehe Do you wear tube socks or ankle socks?
  2. I like Sean Connery. It's sad to hear he's quitting. But if he feels that way I guess we can't stop him eh? *sigh* oh well.
  3. I work at Walmart. I was employed as a cashier but I also work at the Curtosy Desk, in the Seasonal/Toys department and in the Layaway department. Go me lol.
  4. ::sel::


    I like the first one. It just looks nicer. My second choice is the 4th one. ;)
  5. Oh, well... sorry ;) It's ALSO the flag of Italy.... im pretty sure? But it's all good :angry:
  6. I just had a bag of Sobeys popcorn. I don't have much in the way of groceries right now
  7. Tigers <3<3<3 Turtles Frogs Rats Hippopotomous(sp?) Hermit Crabs Racoons Pigs Goats Horses and Duckies oh and Penguins. But that is all I can remember right now ;)
  8. I HAVE boobs... I don't mind them, but sometimes I wish I didn't. They can get in the way. ;)
  9. I don't wear it much anymore. But when I played soccer I loved Adidas!
  10. Whoooo Italy! Such a beautiful looking country. 6/10. If it looked a bit more interesting... ;)
  11. I hate spiders... there is just something about them that makes me cringe when I hear about them, and run screaming when I see them. There are only TWO spiders in the ENTIRE world that I can tolerate and they are my cousins two mini turantulas(sp?) Rosie and Whisper. I can have them crawl all over me and it doesn't phase me at all. Weird eh? Earwigs are tied with spiders, but I could only pick one. And June Bugs... *gag* I think it's because they are large, noisey and stupid.
  12. I've been looking around for one of those wristbands, but I've been hard pressed to find anyone who has them in my area ;) I would love to get one if that's possible! I just need to know how... PS: This is my first REAL post (minus my intro thread). I don't know why but I felt the need to make it known. Ignore me... I'm feeling silly today.
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