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  1. New Acoustic Show on sale, looks like it might be interesting: "Conversation, music and a little mayhem. Watch, listen, and join in as Matt Good and Jay Baruchel (acclaimed Canadian actor) take the stage and jam on anything and everything that comes to mind. No topic taboo, no rules, no script...The only plan is to expose each other’s dark humour, wit, and unparalleled world knowledge with a little meaningless information. All this mixed with Matthew Good's legendary acoustic performance will make for one night to remember." For Presale Tickets Go here: http://www.roythomso...WOFGoodBaruchel Click on the "Click Here" link on the right. Then in the top right corner, enter the presale code: PREFN3 Public On-Sale: Thurs Aug 14 @ 10am EST, same link as above
  2. Just FYI, it looks like he won't be starting until 9:30pm: http://nxne.com/2012/nxne-yonge-dundas-sq/
  3. I figured I would post this here, as I know there are some Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet fans that cross over with Matt Good. In case you didn't know Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland recently teamed up and form a new band call Whitehorse, they are preforming at the Winter Garden and Elgin Theater on Friday, February 24th, starting at 8:00pm. The 2 seats for sale are in Row L and are side-by-side (I managed to get front row seats after getting these ones, so I no longer need them). You can find the eBay Listing here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/260901442366 I'm asking for the same price that I paid for them ($95 for both). Or if you're willing to bypass eBay, I can sell it to you at a discount, to avoid ebay fees. Thanks,
  4. As far as I remember, this was one of the demo's Matt released on his site for Hospital Music. Though I don't think anything ever came of it.
  5. Technically, M+ would end in March '13, as for the few days that renewing was an option, there was both a 1year and 2year renewal plan.
  6. Pre-Order is up at Maple: Lights of Endangered Specues Signed copies still available.
  7. The final 10 episodes have already been filmed and will air on Syfy
  8. Roughly in order: The Heartbroken - Tonight Tonight The Builders and the Butchers - Where the Roots All Grow Luke Doucet - Steel City Trawler David Usher - The Mile End Sessions Duffy and the Doubters - Scriptural Supplies Iwan Rheon - Tongue Tied Liz Phair - Funstyle Jenny and Johnny - I'm Having Fun Now Sarah Harmer - Oh Little Fire New Pornographers - Together
  9. The best albums I've picked up lately include: The Builder and the Butchers - Where the Roots All Grow Luke Doucet - Steel City Trawler The Heartbroken - Tonight Tonight
  10. These are the correct lyrics printed on the CD jacket...why, what do you hear?
  11. At the time, there was talk of putting Live at Massey Hall on Vinyl, but it ended up being too long to fit on one, and didn't want to split it over two due to price concerns, so he scrapped that idea.
  12. Buy a canadian iTunes giftcard. Create an canadian iTunes account. Download songs.
  13. My all time Favorites are: Kabuki Queen and Country Promethea
  14. I really enjoyed last nights show, as a whole it was much better that the previous night's show. Granted I had great company on the first night, which helped make the abnoxious drunk chicks in front of us more bareable. After seeing the Camera Nazi in full force on Friday, I had to bring a decoy shitty camera which I used for most of the night. And to make matters worse a security gaurd pulled up a chair and was literally sitting a meter away from me the entire concert facing the audiance. Lucky, he was beside me, and not infront of me, so by the encore he stopped looking over, and I could use my better camera. Not that the picture quality improved that much, as I'm still getting used to the new camera, but still, it's the principle. Pics can be found Here. Overall I liked the set list more, the energy was way up, more banter (which is always great), and lots of randomness. Great time. I even picked up one of those bootleg MG T-shirts the street people were selling, cause the price droped from $10 to $5 on the second night =P
  15. Been a fan a Matt Good for approx. 10 years, but I never really thought to go to concerts until about 3 years ago: The Mod Club - April 12th, 2006 Red Deer Memorial Centre - September 22nd, 2007 Jack Singer Hall - September 25th, 2007 Massey Hall - October 26th, 2007 Centre in the Square - June 5th, 2008 Mississauga Waterfront Festival - June 13th, 2008 (Though I guess it doesn't really count as the show was cancelled about 2 mins before he took the stage due to rain) Ontario Shores Centre - October 8th, 2009 --- Massey Hall - December 19th, 2009
  16. I've found Vancouver as a whole to be his most personal record (even more so than Hospital Music). Cause while each song has it's core meaning, every now and then he'll throw in a really personal line, which changes the context of the song and it's just kinda like, oh wait...we're not really talking about Vancouver at all, are we?
  17. From a stricktly technical perspective it was a bit awkwards at times I guess, as he specifically mentioned the song wasn't really written for acustic, plus last night was the first time he'd played anything since he recorded the album in February (apparently this was longest he'd ever gone between playing), so there were a couple moments when he was a bit off. But from a fan perspective it was amazing, I loved it, and I hope plays it acustically again sometime. Cause frankly if I wanted to hear him play something perfectly, I'd have stayed home and listen to the CD.
  18. Did anyone else go see this? It was actually pretty cool. It consisted of about an hour long interview of Matt basically telling his life story, and while he didn't really say a whole lot that he hasn't said before, it was nice to hear it all in chronological order and put all the peices together. Then he sang Last Parade, Metal Airplanes, Born Losers and True Love Will Find You in the End. After that there was a meet and greet with food and drinks, a silent auction, and they gave away 5 signed copies of Vancouver. Some Photo's
  19. It's not exactly lyric heavy, that said most of the lyrics are hard to make out, the choirs consits of: I'll wash dirt off your skin I'll be your lone gunmen That's all I could make out. Toronto (Mod Club) concert is playing now: Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance/Load Me Up
  20. I just heard those demo's now, There was also a few songs from a Concert in Cleveland.
  21. Vancouver is avalible for Pre-order on iTunes and it comes with 3 bonus tracks: Silent Army in the Trees (Live Acoustic) Black Helicopter (Live Acoustic) 99% of Us is Failure (Live Acoustic) [Pre-Order Only] My guess is that this is from Massey Hall 2 years ago (Not from the Live CD) as I'm pretty sure he said he recorded that one too. If this was anyone but Matt Good I might be a little annoyed that I feel compelled to buy the album 3 times (CD/Vinyl/iTunes), but he is, and it'll probably be worth it.
  22. Hera being Mitochondrial Eve only means that she's a decendent of every LIVING human on the planet. It's a misconception that to be Mitochondrial Eve you need to be the first (I totally had to wiki that). And yeah, it was basically implied that the remaining colonist went to town on the locals. Rape was had by all. Besides the obvious stuff that bugged me. Why the heck was everyone so cool about the fact that they were sending Anders into the sun to die a painful death...Clearly Lee wanted Kara for himself, and just made up some bullshit speech about anti-technology to cover up the murder. And what the hell Leoben! Where the fuck were you hiding this season, why couldn't you have atleast tried to get some closure with Kara. Gods... Overall though I think I liked the episode, and I can't wait to watch the series again from the beginning. ...So was Galactica the Dieing leader?
  23. As someone who read Watchmen as a kid (and a again a few months ago for the movie) I really enjoyed it. I'm sure people will nitpick the movie scene by scene and tear it apart, but on first veiwing I walked away with no real "beef's" with the movie...okay so maybe a little too much CGI penis. But just a little. I'm glad this didn't shy away from it (they didn't in the comic either), but after nearly 3 hours it's like, we get it, he's naked. Besides that there were only a few lines here and there that made me cringe as there are certain things that are best left on the page and not said aloud.
  24. It's also the reason why Tyrol is not the Father, cause they didn't pick him as one of the final five until after Nikki was born, and whatever they have planned for the Hera, it'll only work if she's the one Human/Cylon offspring. And I really hope that we never see Daniel or that he was the Pianist "Head" Character from last week, cause the whole Daniel is Kara or Kara's father thing is a bit much for me.
  25. I kinda wish I hadn't read that spoiler, but at the same time...that's really cool. I heard it was Fox's idea to have the first 5 episodes suck so much, and that Joss won't be able to to start the show he wanted to make until ep 6, so we'll see.
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