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  1. I printed this blog post when it was first published and I still read it from time to time. It's really moving.
  2. I was there yesterday (second row centre) and Matt was extremely nice during the meet and greet.
  3. I'm disappointed that I will probably never see Running for Home live. Ian Browne is even available to do back-up vocals.
  4. "Winner may claim his/her Prize in each of Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver." Toronto is not included but I hope I'm misinterpreting it.
  5. 5. Land of Talk ~ It's Okay 4. Trail of Dead ~ Clair de Lune 3. Trail of Dead ~ Caterwaul 2. Oasis/Noel Gallagher ~ Wonderwall 1. Matthew Good Band ~ Running for Home
  6. The backing band sounds pretty interesting.
  7. At least Truly Odd received plenty of stage time. ;)
  8. I didn't keep track, but the setlist (encores aside) may have been identical to Fredericton. From what I remember... First Encore: Giant Avalanche She's In It For The Money Everything Is Automatic Second Encore (Acoustic): Strange Days True Love Will Find You In The End
  9. Unless I missed it, there was no mention. Great show overall. Apparitions was played with the band as well.
  10. Likewise, I have two RCG tickets I need to sell as well.
  11. This guy's a workhorse.
  12. I was just listening to this song. It's still so hauntingly beautiful.
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