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  1. Quite the extensive list of artists. I’ll mention a few I saw missing: Colin James, Nickelback, and New Meanies. )
  2. I finally received a copy of Dead Surf Kiss’ Narcotic Nevada on CD.
  3. The last song was Apparitions. Well, I really enjoyed tonight's performance, I thought it was really done well and am looking forward to future performances. The Sessions platform on the other hand, the chat functionality is annoying as f*%$.
  4. I don't have the chat window open on Sessions, but it would be cool to hear the response to whether there will be some form of a rerelease of Last of the Ghetto Astronauts to celebrate the 25th anniversary.
  5. I am using my iPhone and am connected to the TV using an HDMI cable and viewing the concert in full screen. I found Sessions website using Firefox on the Amazon TV very frustrating to use.
  6. Ready for tonight’s performance. TV is all set up to go. Sound check is done, the TV is not on mute.
  7. For a while, Arrows of Desires was absent from digital platforms.
  8. Good points about MG and team. I do feel bad for those who experienced technical difficulties getting on Zoom for the concert. Overall, my experience with Zoom has been fairly positive, mind you, most meetings I have been on, the number of participants has not exceeded 35.
  9. Show was sold out at 1,000 people, technically, Zoom participants/sessions. I saw the number of participants cap out at 888, so either some did not show up or there were instances of some buying multiple tickets but only used one Zoom session. 1,000 participants * $20.00 = $20,000. Artist (80% of total revenue) = $16,000 Side Door fees (10% of total revenue) = $2,000 Host fees (10% of total revenue, but is negotiable) = $2,000 Additional fees include sale taxes and SOCAN fees.
  10. Has anyone heard of the band Cobra Ramone? I came across this group digging into Pat Steward’s (aka Chairman of Rock) work. CobraRamone.com
  11. Devastated to hear this news. I was too young to see MGB live as I was under the age of 19, but had the chance to see Rich play on the Avalanche tour... man enjoyed seeing him live on the intro to Near Fantastica. Gonna miss him. RIP Rich.
  12. Trying to think of an interesting question to ask. At the time LOTGA was being recorded, were there other bands that influenced Ian? Any bands that influenced the group?
  13. Speaking of Imploder, does anyone have a list of the track names? I have a digital copy of the album, but the track names are missing.
  14. Although I subscribe to Apple Music to discover bands, I still do purchase albums on iTunes. Thing to remember, streaming just gives you access to the songs. These songs can be removed at any time. Purchasing music on iTunes, you have a copy. I have also signed up for Jeff Martin’s Patreon.
  15. Also, I noticed Arrows of Desire has disappeared from digital platforms.
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