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  1. lol... that’s too funny.
  2. Here is a link to the set list from July 3 according to this site. Think of this site as the Wikipedia for set lists. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/matthew-good-band/1999/rideau-carleton-raceway-ottawa-on-canada-439777db.html
  3. The https://www.matthewgood.org website is looking pretty light now.
  4. This one was also referenced as well, https://www.recoveringmatthewgoodfan.com
  5. Regarding Crises Airlines songs. I have: 1. Daylight Actual 2. Victory is Free 3. Back of the Tiger 4. Triage Triage may have very well been separate from Crises Airlines though.
  6. I do have to call into question the validity of the allegations now that the original posts containing the allegations have been set to private. The articles on Global and Exclaim linked to the Instagram posts are broken which distorts the news articles - readers will not see the full picture of what is being alleged, which I don’t think is right. Warner Music Canada’s and Matt’s statements are public, but the allegations are private. This really seems like revenge using social media, the media, and court of public opinion. If the allegations are true, in a courtroom is where this
  7. Statement from Warner Music Canada on Twitter.
  8. It appears the actual page on press.warnermusic.ca has been removed altogether. Not just removing the link.
  9. The 2 most recent posts on Warner Music Canada’s Instagram page are riddled with comments asking for a response.
  10. https://m.soundcloud.com/user-511829972
  11. I agree Bad Pennies is a great tune. Just imagining how it would sound if it wasn’t a demo.
  12. Videos in addition to albums over the last while. While Light Rock & Roll Review also disappeared from iTunes, but appears to be available to stream minus a couple songs. Arrows of Desire also had disappeared briefly. Raygun EP has been gone for while also.
  13. Actually, I was sort of thinking of a Bontempo type of Christmas album.
  14. I had the pleasure seeing Bones play in December 2015 in Toronto, ON at the Danforth Music Hall. Amazing seeing him on the bass. RIP Bones.
  15. Anyone notice this album is missing from iTunes?
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