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  1. Ultra54


    Batman My favourite new tune!
  2. No wonder you have 3000 + posts....jesus!Every thought that pops into your warped mind ends up a post here.Did you raise enough for a scanner yet?
  3. It's about the music man, not the stupid videos. Fuck the videos.Get with the music!
  4. Saw him outside under as he called it, 'the "Big Top" in my home town playing to maybe 250 people, no assholes. It had to be 90 degrees that night. It was the first time I had seen him and I was blown away at how good, no pun intended, he sounded. He has a powerful voice and great range, sounding very close to studio. He had this skinny little dude playing guitar who was very good too I might add.There was an almost late 70's Floyd feel to some of the songs. We sure appreciate the fact he plays smaller venues like in Northern Ontario
  5. TY, thats exactly what i needed to hear.
  6. Lets get this straight. You are saying you started smoking pot 2 years ago and you say "and back then". At my age 2 years ago is like yesterday. I would guess your age as 15 years old now, right?
  7. Are we refering to our favourite taisting animal here? If so then I would say the duck billed platipus would be my favourite taisting animal.
  8. need more points.....must have points
  9. Who cares about video, the song is wildly great!
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