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  1. Warning - gratuitous back-patting alert. Weapon was played tonight at IOTA for the second time ever. I played it the first time. hoozaaaaaa Video being posted to youtube right now. Tags are "Matthew Good Iota Single Spark Explosion Arlington VA" Right after this song Matt asked for the stage lights to be turned off except for the Christmas lights above. This, of course, yielded terrible video for the rest of the show. Nothing else will be uploaded. http://www.youtube.com/kbernardp
  2. He's a very nice guy. Don't worry about asking him to sign things. I got about four different pictures of him with me and my wife. I took pictures for other people as well. He didn't act burned by it at all and was a very nice guy about it. Go ahead and say hi to him. Nothing to be afraid of.
  3. I would trade all of my MG show memories and both of my dogs to live in San Diego.
  4. 12th page? Yes, I think it's a coincidence. Just like if you google "Dr. Teeth" on the 12th page you'll find a picture of a jack-o-lantern. Coincidence?
  5. Really? Hello Time Bomb and Load Me Up?? Did you forget about those shows he did in 1999?
  6. My wife and I were trying to find one for our wedding in 2005 and we ended up having to choose a different artist altogether... We couldn't find one that worked at all.
  7. Wow, I wish someone would record Apparitions!
  8. I think you both have appropriate usernames.
  9. It would be really nice if we could get "Fought to Fight It" up here somewhere... Has that been recorded by ANYONE? We keep seeing repeats of the same songs he's been playing for fifteen years.
  10. Is your buddy's name John? If so, I believe he spent the majority of the evening hanging out with my wife, my friend and I.
  11. I went to the Iota show two years ago and there was plenty of room to move. He'd only get the 9:30 club to 1/20th of its capacity. I think this is a good fit... I'll definitely be there early as long as my wife doesn't give birth that day.
  12. One of the things I find to be unique about this forum is that the community is "rewarded" with NF$ for posting comments. One of the things I find ironic is that you're still rewarded even when you're telling an artist to suck your balls.
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