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  1. Yeah, a little crazy, but I sort of see your point. I guess that makes me crazy too. It bugs me, but not to the extent as with you, I don't think. For me, it's just the general content of the lyrics, not specific words or numbers. I like lyrics to be sort of vague, so I can kind of make them mean whatever I want, that way, the songs mean something more to me, and remind me of my own experiences. I can't put my thoughts into lyrics like some people can, so I kind of borrow them from others, I guess.
  2. I hate this band a great deal. I can't even explain why, just something inside me makes me go "bluahaha" everytime their songs come on the radio. I just don't get them.
  3. If I had a cellphone, MG would definitely be my ring tone of choice. Or else the James Bond theme. I want to be a Bond girl so badly!
  4. I wonder if Matt has any gnomes. If he does, I would like to steal one just like they did, and leave him with all the pics. Maybe I'd keep the gnome though, they seem cool. Didn't they get that idea from a true story? Anyone know?
  5. There is no question that they are "manic and disjointed." Personally, that's why I like them so much. Firstly, they're different than that other rhyming bullshit you hear, and they kind of fit with my personality. I can be pretty manic and disjointed at the best of times.
  6. Worst night ever! I dragged 3 of my friends to the show at Zaphod's, and they stopped the line when there was only 4 people in front of us. We left after about 15 minutes so I could go drown my sorrows with chocolate cake. The next day, I found out that the guys we met in line jsut behind us hung around and they were eventually let in. If I hadn't already been to two of his shows, I definitely would have died from alcohol poisoning or something when I found that out. I guess some things just aren't meant to be, for one reason or another. The cake was excellent though. From "Oh So Good!" in Ottawa, you should check it out.
  7. My order, best to worst: Weapon Strange Days Apparitions While We Were Hunting Rabbits In A World Called Catastrophe Carmelina Everything Is Automatic Anti Pop Load Me Up Indestructible Alert Status Red It's Been Awhile Since I Was Your Man Alabama Motel Room Symbolistic White Walls Rico Hello Time Bomb The Future Is X-Rated That seems about right.
  8. Let's face it here, people. Everything nowadays is ripped off of somebody. There is nothing original out there. I am open to change, so if you find anything let me know. The most original stuff I have ever heard is by a friend of a friend's band called Te Belixo. It is ridiculously quirky, but makes for great driving music. Don't think you'll find them anywhere on the web though. Shame.
  9. I just chose The Future is X-rated because I don't really like that one as much.
  10. I think I would die if he released a live CD. Well, at least squeal like a schoolgirl out of excitement. It always boggles my mind how shit live bands, and shit bands in general, like Our Lady Peace have released a live album, and powerhouses like Matt Good haven't. What gives?
  11. A good friend of mine from Newcastle just introduced me to Maximo Park, they're a great band! I'd never heard of them before, and then he told me about them. Then, the other night we were out at a bar in Ottawa, Zaphod's, and they played one of their songs. Kinda coincidental. Yeah, anyways, that's my story. Bye.
  12. I am completely hooked on Dave Matthews now, and have been for a good month and a half. I am so ashamed! I tried so long to not like him, because it was so frustrating how everyone got him confused with Matt Good. I finally cracked though. They are both fantastic artists, but really, the only similar thing about them is the name. And it's not even that close. Their musical styles are very different.
  13. Maple Leafs all the way. The Canucks aren't bad though. And I can even tolerate the Habs, but the Sens have got to go. If the Leafs can't beat them this year, please, somebody, anybody, just pound them in to the ground!
  14. I was reading Twelve Red Herrings by Jeffrey Archer. It's a book of short stories, and not too bad, but it seems I have the opposite of ADD, and get bored when the story doesn't develop into anything significant. So I just started reading The Broker by John Grisham. It's light reading, but interesting so far. His books seem the same after awhile though, especially considering I've read all of them.
  15. I'm from Toronto, but I currently live in Ottawa as a university student. It's an awesome city, and I love everything about it. Except for those bastard Senators. GO LEAFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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