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  1. why should they give all their money to congo? why dont you?
  2. i love marky mark. i find him to be a really good actor but i think the movie looks like a bust.
  3. ok bbq is it? you are an idiot. yes i dont really think jack should be doing movies where he hooks up with amanda peet(mostly just because she is so awful) but why should he quit? he is an amazing actor and so is sean. i respect his choice but it still is unfun(is that a word?).
  4. prettyboy


    i hate all your secrets! and dan, dude that dream just means that you need to spend more time not watching sci-fi. thats it. thats all.
  5. IT by stephen king. i have always been a sucker for stories about groups of friends. like the boxcar children. they never solved the mystery but they sure knew how to make people break down and cry out their confessions. "it was me! i put the blue sparklers in the red sparkler pouch!"
  6. i just saw this movie last night. i took my dad because i'm just about the greatest son that ever was and he thought it was a fun movie, but me? i thought it lacked a lot. it scares me to see these new marvel movies tanking. to me, marvel is one of the greatest things to happen to humans since... since i invented the wheel.(i just thought my dad would like it since, once again, i am the greatest son pretty much ever.) and i dont want these gods of paper to be made into some cheesey batman mistake.(i think we all know i am talking about the batman movies after Tim Burton and before Chris Nolan) the movie was full of product placement and bad acting. Chiklis let me down and the guy who palyed the torch was abit too cocky. he really was the best one in the movie though. i guess all-in-all it did capture the real FF in all their cheesy, cartoonish way. because lets face it, Stan Lee broke the mold with them but really, its all about MOTHER FUCKING SPIDER-MAN!
  7. i always remembered them as being cool. i think my brother really liked them. now i have to find one of their songs and dance around like i'm not actually 19 and remember the good ol' days.
  8. hey!! dont rag on "That 80's Show". roger was it? well whatever his name was was such a kickass dancer!
  9. i have to agree with Mr.HoboFactory. first impression are more than not right. this movie looks like one of the worst things put out since....well i guess since catwoman. owww!! it even hurts to type it out.
  10. prettyboy


    so what? do you think anything anyone does too forget what once stood as a landmark is respectful? and in the vein do you think that bushs Patriot is out of respect? give me a break. all of this stuff is to cover someones ass and make them seem to really care.
  11. sockcrotch? really...? wouldnt it work better as a name if you were "nosockcrotch" or something? i mean...that really donest make sense....it really sounds like you have a sock in your crotch. or a sock for a crotch. but maybe im old fashioned.
  12. prettyboy


    a movie about 9/11 would be awful. look, if they cant even leave in the scence with the twin towers that was once in Spider-man then i really dont think anyone isgoing to stand by and let that movie be made. not yet at least. we all know taht at some point they were going to do it. but really, look at how long it took to make one on pearl harbour. lets hope it takes that long for this one because maybe by then i will be dead. and as for karla, fuck her. she killed her own sister. anyone as is bad but for fucks sake! your sister!? lock her up and let me watch cartoons instead of this crap on the news.
  13. the christian comics are the same as the christian wrestling. why not use half naked girls and absured violence to sell gods love? it is working on me. i indulge and then i tell god how sorry i am and we all feel better. if there was no way to sin then how would i feel the feeling of forgivness?
  14. i grew up hating korn and slipknot and such "evil" bands but now i love those sweet, deep, grooves of korn. there are times when nothing moves me more. silly parents. they just dont know what evil really is.
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