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  1. yes indeed. the 5th album "Wait A Moment While I Clean Off this Smudge" was the greatest selling record of all time for a pair of lenses. but i think their near death experience and association with Holly really bolstered their success.
  2. when buddy holly died in the plane crash, only his glasses survived. srsly. and his glasses went on to record 7 hit albums in the myopic scene
  3. hahahahaha lasers in the eyes hahahahaha *sigh* this was worth reading.
  4. bee


    that show was hilarious - do they play it in reruns?
  5. oh i am not shy. believe me "shy" i have never been. and believe me, i want someone, i get that someone. sorry it isn't you. ;)
  6. bee


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Roses they were everything right in the world "You feel my flow and you flood my brain Show me your vision your wild apparition And sink to the depths of your soul"
  7. bee


    they are my number one favorite band ever!
  8. well he isn't the main character, Slater is, and it is a really good movie.
  9. bee


    why? what does debating it do for you?
  10. oh my. ;) have you ever seen him in Who is Cletis Tout? Critical Jim was great.
  11. bee


    you feel that passionate about religion do you?
  12. seen rounders? great movie...just one example i think he is good as Jason Bourne as well, i am not discrediting his acting, he is funny to me in Stuck on You... i just don't want to see a pre-quel of the original Trek. i think that would be a bad idea. personally what i would love to see is a sequel to Galaxy Quest. now that would rock. haha i loved that movie.
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