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    ON THE EIGHTH DAY GOD CREATED BEER! (from "Chasing Amy") Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. --Ben Franklin
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  1. Anyone know where I can download a copy of "We Are a Place? It's one of the best demos that never made "Lights" album (which I cannot figure out why).
  2. I was on eBay and saw several copies of Arrows listed as a 2 cd set. Was there a different release in Europe as a 2 cd set? Are there additional unreleased material on these as no track listings were available on any of the posts or are these listings just erroneous? On all of them the 2 cd sets were listed at twice the price as their single cd counterparts.
  3. Sorry Riley I didn't mean to disappoint. I just happened to pick up Interpol's 10th Anniversary release of "Turn on the Bright Lights" and I thought it would have been really cool if Good had done something similar. Lacking that I thought, I'd probe around and see what I could find from fellow fans. The "Live at the Metropolis" show that is available on Youtube has great sound and is the only high quality bootleg I have found so far. Additionally, does anyone know if Good ever played "Double Life" live? I love the big drum sound on that song. However, I have heard that was his least favor
  4. Thank you. I have watched both of these. Good stuff. hoping to piece together some collections of live performances. Found two so far: A bootleg on Youtube at the Metropolis and a bootleg of a show in Hamilton. Thank you for the additional info! That's what I am looking for, Hopefully I can track down DLs of those demos. I occasionally post on Matt's Facebook that I wish he would follow Fugazi's idea and make available cheap downloads of all the recorded live performances that may have been made over the years. Maybe donate the proceeds to a charity of his choice. The Fugazi liv
  5. All right, am I in the majority being disappointed about Season 2? It seems the show has become a soap opera set in a newsroom. The issues portrayed have been so marginalized that the impact that once seemed to make this the new "Boston Legal" of dramatized social/political issues has devolved into another melodrama of lonely overworked professionals whose personal dramas are not that interesting. Will Mcavoy is still an intriguing character and his enduring love of Mackenzie makes for an interesting subplot; however unoriginal it may be. Charlie (Sam Waterston's) character is by far the
  6. With the ten year anniversary of "Avalanche" (call me nostalgic), I am trying to piece together any downloads, demos, live recordings, bootlegs, etc. as that still remains my favorite Matthew Good album. Any titles of the aforementioned media that are or once were available would be greatly appreciated. Any links to video from that tour would also be greatly appreciated. I wish Good had put together a 10 year anniversary edition of Avalanche with DVD, demos, etc. like Interpol did for "Turn on the Bright Lights." So much for wishing...
  7. Michael Jackson Who's creepier, Michael Jackson or Ed Gein?
  8. CNN--I love the 40 something that narrates this time of night--she's hot.
  9. Approximately two cords of wood in its lifetime depending on the woodchuck ratio to log-size ratio. The bigger the tree, the smaller the amount of wood it is able to split and pile. Remember woodchucks do not rely on power tools. Ever eaten a woodchuck? (mmm tasty--like rabbit but a bit greasier and more gamey).
  10. Picard was the best! No debate here. Greatest horror movie ever?
  11. Anyone see tonight's "Daily Show?" Jon Sterwart and crew brilliantly handed Bill O'Reilly his ass. A clip of O'Reilly was aired interviewing Senator John McCain regarding torture of detainees. O'Reilly actually started lecturing the senator about torture! I sent O'Reilly an email. I doubt he'll put it on the air but that would make my millenium.
  12. I can no longer edit my answer to miss jellybean. sorry. But the beer issue trumps all others. Said subject is sacred ground. But I will stay within the rules unless the aforementioned is brought up. As for the above post, no one is giving you drugs. Is anyone in here physically older than me?
  13. First, I missed the beer issue which is a moral imperative to address. The finest beer ever produced is Hacker--Pshorr Weisse from Munchen (Munich). I am sorry to regress to a previous post but people must know this! Does anyone here work retail or a similar job?
  14. Tragically Hip--Little Bones ending... Bloc Party--Like Eating Glass
  15. Beer or Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay with Pineapple Orange Juice! Oh! OH! Have you ever been caught masturbating in the closet?
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