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  1. battlefield 2 for my shiny new xbox
  2. _Andy_


    system restore can lick my taint. It causes more problems than it solves. Put microsoft antispyware on your box (its called defender or something like that now). I've had the best experiences getting rid of spyware with that. Also spring for a good antivirus, you may have to pay for it, but if it saves headaches it's worth the money.
  3. _Andy_

    Damn Homeboy.

    one time i saw a ghost
  4. I'd think damn expensive insurance can be a good license getting deterrent. You may have your license, but what good is it without a car to drive. Sure the longer you have a license the more your insurance will invariably drop, but generally not having insurance while having your license is frowned upon. If you haven't been paying insurance than you haven't been helping the man, so the man needs to make up for lost time. Frankly obstacles for young drivers are good. If your mature enough to realize that you've got to put up with them to drive, than good for you, drive. If you huff and puff that your getting screwed, well, than maybe you shouldn't be out on the road on your own yet.
  5. incorrect. you can have alcohol in the vehicle, unopened of course, you just can't have any alcohol in you(tee-hee), the driver. I got my G a year or two ago, I also passed all my tests first time through. You kids that fail just suck at the drive, and it's therefore good they fail you.
  6. nope, thats an air force shirt, not a mg shirt.
  7. isn't it customary to include all songs?
  8. so first mac's switch to intel processors, hrm, than they start booting windows, hrm, I guess if you can't beat them eh?
  9. _Andy_

    Mg Demos

    It's still wrong if he's doing it without permission of the artist. That's like saying I'll mail you a copy of the new Red Hot Chili Peppers CD that comes out next month if you donate $15 to the Ronald McDonald House.
  10. I have an xbox, I play games on my xbox, my xbox is for games. Forums are for teh posting.
  11. 19+ shows are only a problem when your 18-. You'll stop caring as soon as you turn 19 and take sweet solace in the fact that you can go to shows that those younger than you cannot.
  12. copious amounts of work with no time for fun, or fun that is tainted by the knowledge that it will be followed by more work. who do you think would win in a fight, red, or green?
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