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  1. doctor coners still has his specimen of the symbiot. I'm guessing that's how carnage is going to happen. that was a big thing for me too
  2. that movie was terrible so much was wrong with it. it looked like the just put venom in at the end as a filler. the movie had enough plot for three other movies. it was so jumbled
  3. I read that as flying wii planes, and I laughed.
  4. sorry ;) I didn't technically call him it
  5. I just bought pulp fiction (for $10!!!) fear and loathing in las vagas, both waynes worlds, the transformers movie, stranger than fiction, shaun of the dead, donny darko, and the first season of arrested development. I went on a binge
  6. chocolate and pecans should never touch pie
  7. Shakakahn


    I went opening night. I think splinter should have said "I made another funny" at the end
  8. Shakakahn


    the CGI was awesome and so were the fight scenes. the plot bored me though and some of the jokes were pretty lame
  9. Shakakahn


    well not at six, but same time here. it's just the time difference works in my favor.
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