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  1. Here are the songs with links: Fated Failing The Rohrschachtest Suburbia Omissions Of The Omen Going All The Way Hello TimeBomb Haven't slept in years Hope you'll like them.
  2. 8 Songs recorded in the comfort of my livingroom A87, mixed and engineered by Jens Kürsten. I know it's not allowed but .... everything is copyrighted. This is Matts Music in another interpretation.
  3. What was the club like? How many people were watching in London?
  4. For me : "Native son" Followed by "How it goes" and "haven't slept in years (Raygun)"
  5. It's so sad.... After a decade, Matthew Good will come over to Europe - and there is no way to order tickets. I used to fly over from Germany for 2 nights and see his show - spending hundreds of Euros just for flight and hotel - and no way to order tickets ? Please next time, order a bigger location. *sigh*
  6. Matthew in Europe will be great. It is so complicated to get over the Atlantic. And to get a ticket for the show.
  7. Yes, that was my Deal! A fistful of songs are on my Audiotapes and They are all stuck on my old ancient Tapes. Youtube is a good way to publish them. And to make videos of them also. Brilliant idea to finish them. In 2004 I was able to record all that stuff on my own, 2012 I am able to pimp up this Demos for the internet. Sadly, I am not native english speaking. But am really interested in Matthew Goods music. Please do not expect too much from me in answering to Forum Threads.... I can not read beetween the lines. Cheers from rainy Hamburg Goodbanding
  8. That was really really good. So much work in this Video. Well Done! That was W
  9. Beautiful Midnight is such a massive album. It made me quit writing songs. But to fight against the genius of the album, I decided to cover them all. I studied the songs. The project is not finished, but I am glad, that there are other people, who feel like me. I did record the following songs of Beautful Midnight: Load me up Failing the rohrschachtest Suburbia Going all the way. "Load me up" is a killer. I was not able to sing it well, so I got two versions. One is a duett, the other is a comedy. The tapes are lost somewhere, but I also covered some other tunes of Matt: Fated (http://www.jens-kuersten.de/musik/fated.mp3) Omissions of the omen. (http://www.jens-kuersten.de/musik/Omissions%20of%20the%20Omen.mp3) I really would like to share my tapes with this community. Greetings from Hamburg Jens
  10. Can anyone help to finish our cover-project? With a great artwork ? click there: http://www.nearfantastica.com/bored/index....0&start=280 http://mgt.cityaftersix.ca/ Maybe it will give the whole project a punch. Cheers from icy Hamburg Jens
  11. goodbanding

    2009 Tour

    Nearly One year ago I planned my holiday from Germany to catch a show in Canady. I was really looking forward to see Matthew Good live again. There was a direct flight from Hamburg to Toronto and I send some emails to Matthew goods site. Maybe my english was not good enough to explain what I wanted. Holidays to another continent arent so easy to plan. Even if you are not native english-speaking. Massey Hall tickets were avaible so I asked directly to officials how to buy some from over here. I want a ticket in my pocket before I spent money in such a travel. But: The direct-flight from Hamburg starts in June and ends in September. The Gig was in May. And I never received any answers from Canada. I forgot about my plan and went on Holiday to Finland. And I was really really happy as I found out, that my missing concert was recorded and is out now on CD! On 2 CDs! That was one of my highlights 2008. Magic! Jens
  12. I made a little homegrown video for Black Helicopter lately: http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/142468 It seems to be quite stupid... But it was great fun to do it. And Matt is always first in line to check new possibilities. Cheeers from Goodbanding.
  13. The Video is sooo cool. It's really Matt-a-like. Who made this ?
  14. Hello Everybody, the new Matthew Good album will not be realeased here in Germany. We will get poor in ordering it over amazon - but there is no other online-shop who offers it. I am interested in 5 Pieces of the new album - to send it here to Germany. Amazon taks 5 times toll and packaging. Do someone has a tip over there how and where to order them ? Greetings from Sunny Hamburg Jens
  15. Has the project already come to an end ? It would be fine to have a complete CD with all the songs. Greetings from icy germany Jens
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