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  1. School District 36 Surrey School District 39 Vancouver I know those two are the largest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_school_districts_in_British_Columbia
  2. July 14 - Solo Acoustic Peacefest Peace River, AB
  3. I'm bored as FUCK right now, so I'll do this. I am a cuddler -- False I am a morning person -- False I am a perfectionist -- False I am an only child -- True and False. I'm my dad's only biological child. I am currently in my pajamas --Truish... I am currently pregnant -- False I am currently single -- True I am currently suffering from a broken heart -- False I am okay at styling other people's hair -- False I am left handed -- False I am addicted to my myspace -- False I am online 24/7, even as an away message -- False I am very shy around
  4. Where Have You Been-Rihanna Fuck you, I fucking love this bitch... She will be Mrs. MacKay one day, I tell you.
  5. Hangover 2...horrible... saw it in the theatre and wanted every penny back that I spent on it plus my time plus interest. Bridesmaids had it's funny moments. Not as great as people say it was. The ending was the best. X-Men: First Class was awesome! I loved it so much. Just finished watching Contagion. Not bad. A little too all over the place for me
  6. 1. Suburbia 2. Born To Kill 3. A Boy And His Machine Gun 4. Failing The Rorschacah Test 5. Giant 6. Strange Days 7. I Miss New Wave 8. Let's Get It On 9. Running For Home 10. The Future Is X-Rated 11. Load Me Up 12. Going All The Way 13. Jenni's Song 14. Hello Time Bomb Quiet honestly, 1-13 I think are all on even par with eachother in words of awesomeness. I have always hated Hello Time Bomb.
  7. All I can say about this is that In A World Called Catastrophe has to be the worst song off the album, and perhaps his whole catalog. Song for the Girl has so much optimism to me that I can't rank it so far down, even though I know the relationship ended very badly.
  8. Imma go by full length albums, k? Fearless Look Happy, It's the End of the World A Boy And His Machine Gun The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production 21st Century Living Buffalo Seven She's In It For the Money Volcanoes Extraordinary Fades. So there.
  9. I actually really like Lights. Siberia is an awesome album. I know this is lame, but I love Marianas Trench and they're all I'm listening to as of late...
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