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  1. Strange, almost everybody is complaining about how simular al the songs of Nickelback sound, but yet most of you are excited about the new Ramstein album. I don't think they are very diverse and have good lyrics.
  2. This hub is the best place to find rare / live tracks. Every fan of MG must get on this hub !!!!
  3. Amazon has send In A Coma the 19th. Now I've to wait a couple of weeks before delivery (damned). So, for the people who has it allready. HOW IS IT ?????
  4. Well, I've ordered a couple of times before but is has never taken so long. Estimed and actual delivery times were about two weeks.
  5. And you guys think that Amazon delivers fast ? I pre-orderd my copy a week ago. Estimated delivery time : Nov 2 2005 - Nov 16 2005. How about that !!!! That means I've to read about two months how awsome the cd's and dvd are on the Bored until I get mine copy. You're all very lucky.
  6. I don't know a band called Bright Eyes. I do know the song Bright Eyes though. Here's another one : - Dishwalla -
  7. I'm not one of them. Funk is not my thing. How about this band? I Like there first albums "American Standard" and "Rockcrown" the most. - Seven Mary Three -
  8. Is there nobody who can help me out here ? I asume that atleast a few on this forum has the cd's. Maybe we can trade. If you need a rare song or some live tracks just let me know and I will see what I can do. Thanks in advance. peter1970@hetnet.nl
  9. With a little patience and some luck you can find al the rarities and bootlegs on soulseek. Limewire is also good for finding some
  10. You're right about that. The only concert bootleg I got worth listening to (sound quality wise) is the one from Toronto Kool hause 2004-10-23. That one's got a fairly good quality.
  11. Hello, Because of this forum I became very curious about some rare tracks. Now I've downloaded al ot of that stuf but some tracks like: 4 minute mile, The future is x-rated slow version, Big city life, and can't explain have bad sound quality (some very bad). Are there better versions out there? Or is this it so I can stop looking any further.
  12. I've just downloaded a concert of Matt in The Vogue Theatre 04-19-03 this week with Limewire. Maybe you can try that.
  13. Hello, I'm a newbe and trying to get on the hub. I've installed DC++ and want to connect to : hub.bloodflame.com, bloodflame.dnip.net, and mattgood-limplifter.no-ip.info But none of them with succes. I get the messages "Unknown error 0x2757" and "Connection time out" What am I doing wrong ?
  14. I know that the cd's are made from tapes with the original demo's. But there were also covers and an inlay with detailled information made for it. I will try to post a picture with this reply.
  15. Hey, I've bought the History teacher cd's from Ebay. Unfortunely they came without any covers and/or inlays. Can anyone help me out to find those? Is sombody willing to send a copy to my e-mail adress?? ( peter1970@hetnet.nl ). I would be very grateful.
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