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    GME BB NOK and Weed stocks. I may be retarded. What a start in my first week of investing.
  2. No. I still suck and don't practice._.
  3. Wtf happened to the layout of the forum? Where is the memberlist? Where can I see those special tags that people get too? Once I hit 666 posts I'm outie again I suppose
  4. Holy crap it gets complicated. No way of just tabbing it out for me easily? :S
  5. Damn it's been awhile since I was here. Anyone up for tabbing the solo for Non Populus? I've picked up electric guitar recently and I've always loved this solo...
  6. North Van is good if you want to look at trees/hike/encounter bears/get significantly more rain than Vancouver.
  7. I'm gonna keep doing this until someone does something more creative.
  8. It's about time we had someone who is active and posts mounds of insightful commentary.
  9. Blade Runner. Finally got around to it. It was pretty good. Blade Runner and The Thing should've raped the shit out of E.T. BUT ALAS
  10. Summoner name? Playin Mass Effect 3 Demo. Multiplayer is pretty fun, but EA servers are a fuckload of shit. 3/4ths of the time I can't find a game or I disconnect after 5 mins.
  11. Finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Best game of 2011 easily. Still going for that 2k in League of Legends.
  12. And I barely knew him. Also, how dead is this place? :/
  13. Mine lasted till about 11. Solid concert. Matt playing the older songs like load me up, hello timebomb, weapon, and the future is x-rated was fucking awesome.
  14. I'm going on Dec 3 in Vancouver. I was wondering how long his concert usually lasts.
  15. Advertising on Police Cars The Ocean Non Populus Blue Skies Over Badlands
  16. I like how nsfw has blanketed swearing as well. Pussies.
  17. "Don't stick your dick in crazy."
  18. Stop answering your own goddamn questions. Catsup or updog?
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