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  1. Honestly, I can never get enough of this song, I just wish I had the rest of it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKUAsauTX_0 Amazing song.... Shit, I heard he performed it live during his acoustic tour, and I was not there ;)
  2. awww I missed out on the waterloo show ;) but i caught the GUELPH SHOW! which was beautiful and quiet and PERFECT!
  3. I agree, I LOVE ALL OF MATT'S SONGS.. from through his early beginnings, his time with the 'band' and of course most recently.. but being i am a suck for acoustic i LOVE his most recent work he is aging like a fine wine ;)
  4. hamilton was sick, save for a few fans hollering out some really insensitive stuff... regarding Matt's weight, I mean come on? He is on medication that contributes to weight gain, either their assholes, or ignorant, but either way, still assholes.
  5. I find youtube seems to be the most frequently updated
  6. im sure the new design will be awesome as always, and i am sure there will be another one to soon follow it!
  7. Not a bad movie, at all, had some funny parts, some cheesy parts and wasnt too predictable.
  8. alright movie, the best parts are shown only in the trailer
  9. COmmon tell the truth who's seen it, and what did you think? I thought it was sweet!!
  10. 1. Star Wars Trilogy 2. The Jacket 3. Dances With Wolves 4. American History X 5. Pirates of The Carribian 6. 7. 8. 9. Forrest Gump 10. When Harry Met Sally
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