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  1. Back when he toured Chaotic neutral, he basically played the whole album live. I remember that he opened with Harridan (epic!), and played tiger by the tail near the end of the set
  2. my list: lights of endangered species avalanche chaotic neutral hospital music something like a storm vancouver white light rock and roll review arrows of desire i found this a bit tough, because there are moments on each album that warrant higher ranking consideration (especially on WLR&RR). I think that Chaotic neutral has less low points than Avalanche, but the highs on Avalanche are way higher than Chaotic Neutral, etc. I love Hospital music, but there are a couple of duds that put it behind chaotic neutral.
  3. having a young boy myself, I cant even imagine what you and your family are going through... condolences man
  4. I have always felt the same way, I would add that I am also not a huge fan of double life and would always skip those two songs in a row
  5. I’ve been lucky enough to see Matt several times (8, twice acoustically), but I am definitely a bit jealous of those attending, it sounds like it will be pretty special. Fearless and change of season? Crazy. Omissions of the omen and the Inescapable Us would be up there for me as well. I guess I will settle for some live recordings of whatever we are lucky enough to get ;)
  6. I think that this is primarily an issue of terminology. Are we taking about "obese" as it pertains to BMI (body mass index)? Or simply by the way that someone's body is shaped. Some people eat healthy and exercise moderately and are still "fat", and that is partially genetics and cant be changed with any amount of lifestyle related intervention. At the end of the day, these people probably still have an increased chance of heart related issues, cancer or diabetes but there is only so much you can do. I don't think the telling these people to work exponentially harder than the regular person to control diet and exercise is helpful. However, promoting poor eating habits and sedentary behaviour is certainly detrimental to the individual as well as to society. I think that eduction as opposed to social movements or advertising is much more helpful (as the message is often misconstrued one way or the other).
  7. this is probably not that realistic.... but, who knows: Bad Guys Win load me up/Carmelina decades Born losers blue skies over badlands (or Non populus) hello time bomb days come down strange days Men at the door Giant Cloudbusting There the first time advertising on police cars Bullets in a Briefcase encore 1: Fine art of falling apart (acoustic) prime time deliverance (acoustic) Apparitions (acoustic) encore 2: something like a storm Everything is Automatic weapon
  8. just got my copy of AoB, ordered it from Amazon.... The record sleeve is creased in 2 spots, one is not bad but the other is super obvious, kind of pissed about it. The vinyl itself is in great shape and plays well though
  9. that would be awesome! I used to be a huge OLP fan back in the day (clumsy was one of the first albums I ever bought), But I don't appreciate their material as much post spiritual machines. I think its partially nostalgia, and partially the sound of the band changed (with the changing line up) and became too polished for me. Naveed is good but front heavy (I love the 5 singles, but not a huge fan of the back half of the album) Clumsy, Happiness and spiritual machines are all pretty solid front to back (each with one or two hiccups along the way) I thought gravity and healthy in paranoid times were both hit and miss, with a couple of stellar tunes in the mix, but I was generally not digging them much at this point.... whereas I still get giddy every time Matt releases an album and generally listen to it exclusively for a week or two after I get a hold of it
  10. Some great OLP non radio singles (don't know if they would play any of them, but may be worth checking out if you are interested): car crash are you sad? Not enough Apology just my opinion.
  11. Hey no problem, hopefully you can get your problem adressed! I am not sure if it is different back east than it is here in Vancouver, but there is probably a registry that you can look up for registered hand therapists in your area. Good luck!
  12. when its longstanding and with many activities and with both sides, there is always a chance that the problem is secondary to a nerve conduction issue, which would mean that its origins could actually be up in the shoulders or neck and not actually a problem with the hand at all. If it is impairing your activities of daily living and stopping you from hobbies that you like to do, seeing a hand therapist might be quite helpful. Are you in the Vancouver area? I can do some digging and give you some names if its something you are interested in.
  13. I've been a bit reluctant to post on this topic, but I am a physiotherapist and figure I'd give my 2 cents: first of all, if the problem persists its probably a good idea to get an assessment by a physio or a hand therapist to make sure you aren't exacerbating the problem. Without assessing the problem, i am just guessing, but often times the sore muscle is already overworked because of other muscle groups being weak... so by trying to strengthen the sore area, you may in fact make the pain worse. Sometimes you have to massage and release the sore muscle, and strengthen the surrounding muscles. With this area of pain (a common area of pain for new physiotherapists as well, actually) the small intrinsic muscles of the hand are usually weak, and the bigger thumb muscles end up doing all the heavy lifting. Often times it comes down to the posture of your hand and thumb during squeezing and gripping (in your case, performing bar chords). Is the main pressure coming through the metacarpal (knuckle of the thumb), or the carpal bones (small bones in the main body of the hand)? Are the joints of the finger hyperextending and resting on the ligaments and stressing the joints, or are the slightly flexed? This is probably where the problem is coming from. So, it could be a more complicated problem, so get it looked at if it persists.
  14. just bought Stardew Valley... I can already tell that I am going to be playing this game way too much
  15. don't know if anyone has heard the "new" tracks that are OK computer unreleased B-sides.... but they are all pretty good: i Promise: Man of War: Lift:
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