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  1. Man, that does sound great. I wish there was a better recording floating around. I really loved Under the Influence, it was one of those underappreciated tunes from AoB that we don't get to really hear anymore.
  2. xcham

    Itunes Again?

    Universal's pulled out of iTunes now, right? That's a shame. It was good American exposure for MG.
  3. Man, I've never had this particular experience, but people generally seem to have conversations at concerts they could have somewhere else, even though here they're paying for a seat. It's ridiculous.
  4. xcham

    Okay, Wtf?

    I did a few times, but not at the most recent Massey Hall show. I figured there'd be a lot of people hanging around and I was not really feeling well. The times I did meet him he was grand, though. Once outside the Phoenix on the tour for the In a Coma tour, once at the Mod Club during the WLRRR tour, and then once on the day Hospital Music came out at the Edge.
  5. Raygun. Actual electric guitars instead of acoustics played through amps (at least that's what it sounds like). Also, background guitar during "all this time it's been killing you" that really add something.
  6. I wouldn't have thought AskMen would be the type of place that'd interview Matt. No questions about bipolar disorder, which is kind of disappointing. Also how the hell did the interviewer know what car he drove?
  7. xcham

    Deep 6ix

    They also cut "Going All The Way", which is a bleeping shame, man.
  8. It'd be really nice if the reworked Suburbia made it onto the EP. It's really good and it's a shame it got missed on "Rooms".
  9. I tabbed out and taught myself the solo from "Deep Six" once... that took a lot of patience. The giant solo is pretty interesting too. Don't even get me started on the backing guitar part from Flashdance.
  10. Black Helicopter is really, really awesome, but I would say that I like "If I Was A Tidal Wave" even more... it's fucking brilliant, if you ask me.
  11. Nevermind The Rise & Fall... How about The Hanging Of. Although, I think Unicorns of 9/11 is as good a title as any. It would probably get slammed by people for being insensitive or whatever, people who don't want to bother reading into why it's called that (which is their right, I guess) but mentioning 9/11 in anything but the most solemn way gets you torched. Also, "Shark Sandwich".
  12. Shit dude... hope you're feeling okay. Alright I got one: what's your take on keyboards in rock music? They fell out of fashion lately... but the tracks on underdogs that use the ol' Hammond are some of my favourites. Also, still in touch with Genn & Browne at all?
  13. IMHO "Giant" is the ultimate ballad... "The Fine Art of Falling Apart" is romantic, but hopelessly so.
  14. The name is a reasonable request... especially since she probably sucked a whole lot of his money out during the divorce. Not to mention all the money he shelled out while they were married. A lot of us were a little bewildered when she started making appearances online... she didn't seem like a match given what we knew about our favourite crazed rock star, but we took it on faith that there was more to it than the shallow Barbie image that she projected. I don't know, maybe you can judge a book by it's cover?
  15. As a young whippersnapper my band and I covered "Giant" and "Symbolistic White Walls". Indestructible's also fun but taxing.
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